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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 9 – You Say Burger, I Say Booorger

Top Three – Angelo, Carla and Antonia. Tom tells Angelo that the coffee/dill/cilantro mix shouldn’t make sense but it did. Carla asks the judges if they noticed the crust on the bottom. The response, “Oh, we noticed!” Fallon and Carla have a love fest about how awesome her dish is, with Fallon paying her the ultimate Carla complement – he could taste the love.

Antonia’s tongue (hee!) was a challenge, especially since it is on Tom’s menu. The best part – the song she, Carla and Angelo sing about beef tongue. And yes, I now have that ring tone.

Carla obviously wins, and gets a surprise trip to Tokyo in addition to her spot on Fallon’s show. And her second amazing Carla dance begins.

Bottom Three – Tiffany, Fabio and Dale. Blais gives a deep sigh of relief. My wife called him the Lee DeWyze of the season – he constantly thinks he’s going home. Blais suggests to Mike that Blais finished fourth and Mike fifth. Heh.

Tiffany’s “flat dumplings” are criticized by Tom. Fallon wanted gravy and a doughball. Gail thinks the chicken was overpowered by the other stuff, and Tom says she went too far away from the base dish.

Fabio’s “meatball,” according to Padma, is skewered. Gail missed the “beefy goodness.” Tom hated the “grainy” cheese. Fallon says it wasn’t a hamburger, and when you realize it’s not you get disappointed that Fabio chose to go that way. Gail says the focus of the dish was a failure.

Dale’s saltiness is the focus, as Fallon claims to have consumed a keg of beer to make up for it. Gail called it a “salt lick on top of a salt lick.” Fallon thinks the first bite was great, but as you kept going the salt overpowered you. And he reminds us all of the most Cardinal Rule of Top Chef – always taste your food.

Anyway, Tiff’s may have been a bit off, but it tasted alright, and Dale’s was oversalted, but still those first bites were good. Fabio failed to really make a burger. He made a booooorger. So he is out. He vows to one day make a burger for Fallon to make him beg for forgiveness. We all need ambitions.

Quickfire Hits
• I really don’t need much more of this Antonia vs. Mike feud. I will always side with Antonia, as will most people.
• How amazing was Carla on the Fallon show? She wanted chicken pot pie and got it. She did her first awesome Carla dance of the night, to the point where she suffered from something I have often gotten – complete silence when hysterically laughing. Then when asked why so excited blurted out – I’vebeentalkingaboutchickenpotpieforaweek!!!! HA!!!
• Did James and Gloria Fallon actually name their children…James and Gloria? Really?
• Why does Fallon hate mayonnaise? As a boy he got his head caught in a gate and grandma slathered him in mayo to get him out. Yeah, I’d probably hate it too.
• Best story – Fallon wrote an article for Food & Wine and was asked for a recipe from his mom for the article. He called her, got a cheesecake recipe, they loved it and used it. Turns out, Mommy Fallon got the recipe from….Food & Wine Magazine!!
• I don’t think there are words to describe Padma in that tiny dress during the Elimination Challenge. I don’t think I ever want that image to go away. And Gail brought her A game too, by the way, lovely and luscious, indeed.
• Fallon tweet during the show after Mike is shown explaining how he made his sausage “Fenway style” because of Fallon’s Boston heritage – “You were wrong, Mike, I’m from New York.” Oops. Just because he made a movie set in Boston, doesn’t make him Bostonian. I mean, Elijah Wood is not from Middle Earth for real.
• Boy, that was a lot of Biutoni product placement. A whole lot.
• Dale on Angelo – “I’m a better chef, even if he is a stunning man.”
• Which was worse – shirtless Angelo or that little bit of Mike’s belly peeking out of his shirt. I know, really easy answer. Angelo is a stunning man, after all.
• I can’t leave Antonia’s “I love the tongue” comment alone, can I? Even better, when asked what she wanted, Tiffany deadpanned, “Well, now that tongue is out…”

Next week – My son would go nuts – Sesame Street and Target. Elmo, and the place where we bought his Elmo.

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