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American Idol 10, Feb. 9 – Going Out With a Bang

We start out with a young woman who is quite upset about not making it, saying she has no idea how she’s going to face her mom and home, and that she really thought she was going to be a star. She winds it up with, “Just because somebody farts? Let ’em keep singin’, okay?” Well, there goes my hopes for this last night of auditions.

Inessa Lee, 22, of Tujunga, CA, is originally from the Ukraine. She explains it’s a beautiful country with a lot of beautiful girls, “as you can see.” She has a lot of music videos out with shower scenes and the like, and thinks she’s like Shakira or Madonna. This means it won’t go well, yet she knows she’s the next American idol. She tells the judges she does a little bit of everying, including belly dancing, so of course Randy asks for some of that. Inessa sings All Out of Love, and proves to be a little out of touch, just based on song choice.

Steven Tyler calls her cute and precious, and mentions that his grandfather was from the Ukraine. He was hoping she’d have the voice to go with it, but found the pitch and the melody to be all over the place. She puts on a little girl voice and tells him, “I can work it out; I promise.” He answers with a “boop-boop-ee-doop,” and so does she. Jennifer Lopez mentions Inessa’s young spirit. When it comes to a vote, Steven gives her cuteness 110%, but the singing “yeesh.” The others agree, as she walks out promising they’ll see her again. Ryan Seacrest tell Inessa’s husband he has his hands full.

Brittany Mazur, 21, a dance studio manager from Tucson, AZ, sings Mercy; Lara Johnston, 20, of Novato, CA, sings All I Do; and Matthew Nuss, 25, a music director from Huntington Beach,CA, sings Taller, Stronger, Better. All three are put through, with Matthew being called “a diamond in the rough.”

Stefano Langone, 21, Kent, WA, explains he’s done some crazy things in his life and gone through some sweat and tears to get through it. He shows his arms that appear to have wrist-cutting scars, but he says it was an accident. He woke up to a firefighter screaming that he was alive. His dad admits when they got there, they thought he was dead. They told Stefano he would never walk the same, but he was back on his feet in less than four months. All of that just made him so much hungrier, with that thing that says “I want that” burning more than ever.

Singing I Heard It Through the Grapevine, Stefano is definitely good. The setup was worth it. Randy tells him he has a nice voice, and he liked the howling in the voice. J-Lo thinks he’s here for a reason and that he has star quality with movie star good looks and a voice with a nice tone. She thinks S-T-A-R. Steven tells him this is why he survived the accident, because he’s going to Hollywood.

The first up on day two is Clint Jun Gamboa, 26, of Long Beach, CA. He’s a music host at a dive bar. He’s been hosting karaoke there for about four years. He’s had so many people tell him he’s better than that place. He feels it’s an honor today to have his voice heard by people who have made it in the music business. He sings Billionaire, and seems to have some good range. When asked, he says he learned to sing like that from growing up in gospel churches. Randy tells him not to lose it. Steven calls it brilliant. Jennifer thinks he has a beautiful tone. He’s in, with Randy calling him one of the best in San Francisco.

Kenneth Berba, 22, unemployed in El Paso, TX, comes busting into the audition, and has big fake ears on, along with a tail. It’s just … odd. A few words in, all the judges say no. Weston Lee Smith, 21, a waiter from Fort Apache, AZ, sings Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and makes it totally unrecognizable. Nobody says anything for a few minutes, and he just apologizes to the judges and walks out.

A Transformer even comes in to audition, with J-Lo wishing her 2-year-old son was there. Drew Beaumier, 24, a bartender/autobot form Fountain Valley, CA, tells the judges he built it himself, and Randy thinks it would be crazy to go through the market in that. He sings Born to Be Wild really badly. Steven says the outfit was “so slammin'” and he liked the voice as well, so he isn’t sure what to do. Then he says he was joking. They give him a no as Steven asks how many miles to the gallon he gets. Steven has a touch of meanness to him tonight. He seems to be getting hardened to this process.

J-Lo admires the gold sparkly high heels of Julie Zorrilla, 20, L.A. She’s auditioning on her birthday. She explains she is originally from Colombia, where her parents built their dream home on top of a hill in the Andes in the middle of a rain forest. Her mom explains they had an easy life economically, but the life was hard because of the guerillas trying to get money from people. Her father speaks of all the horrors he remembers from the war, saying it’s hard to remember it in his heart. Julie is inspired by her parents who picked up and moved away to find a better home for their two kids.


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