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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 8 – Was It How You Felt After the Risotto?

Winners – All the Antipasti Ladies, all the Antipasti Ladies. And Fabio.

Tiffany’s sausage and polenta worked, Antonia left well enough alone and delivered (Antonia – That’s Italian cooking), Carla made “big soup girl” Melfi happy with the parmesan in the soup, and Fabio made the chicken well and saved Bourdain’s world outlook. Antonia wins, her fellow chefs are left in stunned silence in the Stew Room. Rude.

Losers – All the Primi Boys, all the primi boys.

Mike knows he screwed up the pasta, that humility may have saved him. Tom thinks he put too much egg in the pasta and that it wouldn’t have cooked for a very long time. Bourdain said the uncooked pasta meant the sauce didn’t stick well. Also, Tom’s blog stated that Mike made a good sauce, and that was his saving grace as well.

Dale’s dish just fell apart, and Dale thinks he got into the weeds and never could get out. Melfi wonders how he could possibly make pancetta bland. He and Mike each had good elements in concept with the dish, but failed in execution.

However, Tre’s problems were not just execution, they were to the core. He defends his dish and suggested that “if any of you say the rice was not cooked right…” And Tom bites, “I will.” Tre knew he was in trouble here. He is told properly prepared risotto should “spread on the plate.” His was too thick and buried in garnish.

Again, if S8 Tre risotto is bad, how was S3 Tre risotto worthy of a win? The problem was not that he didn’t make this one tasty; the criticism was that he prepared it incorrectly. So he goes home. Sorry Tre, I don’t get it either.

Quickfire Hits
• Anyone else fear for Tiffany and Carla when they drew the Black Hammer for a partner? They survived the Curse of Antonia!
• The “Black Italian” however does not make it. How much do you want a comic book superhero team of the Black Hammer and the Black Italian? They could wear Padma’s outfit for their uniform. Big Soup Girl could be the sidekick.
• Really, Tiffany? The “Purity of the Earth?” It sounds like an Oscar-bait movie about farmers in colonial America.
• How cool was the photos of little Antonia? Glad she could make her dad proud this week.
• Nice foreshadowing by the show of Fabio stating that Italian cooking was about making sure you can really taste the food and not make it too complicated.
• Carla praising the ladies in the tiny kitchen that they are so clean!
• Carla’s modeling career comes in to help with the Quickfire, even if she didn’t win.
• I loved Antonia’s description of the restaurant – “Jukebox full of Sinatra, and it smelled like marinara in the walls.”

Next week – Jimmy Fallon. Carla is a chicken, and Antonia has a really goofy Judges Table moment.

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