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American Idol 10, Feb. 3 – Talentless in L.A.

Heidi Khzam, 23, a belly dancer from Agoura Hills, CA, belly dances her way through her audition with no singing, while Steven does accompaniment for her. He finally asks her to sing, and she does Superwoman. When she’s done, Randy welcomes her to Hollywood before anyone even votes.

Matt “Big Stats” Frankel, 27, a freelance music producer from West Hollywood, CA, has a compilation album that features Chaka Khan. That’s his selling point. He also mentions that he does business on he phone and can be seen riding on the LA transit system. Matt also has a hip hop alter ego.

Walking into the audition, Matt does a rapping intro to himself, but it’s just …. bizarre. It was bad, to say the least. Steven asks if it’s his strong suit. Randy wants to know who he produces. Matt answers a million, then changes it to a bunch. He explains about his album with Chaka Khan.

Getting back to the singing, Matt dedicates his song to J-Lo, and launches into Jenny from the Block. It’s hard to figure how a person who doesn’t even realize he sounds bad could produce other people. After he sings “what you get is what you see,” Randy answers, “what I see I don’t like.” Matt begs for a shot, saying he just needs a little lubricant. It’s still no. Matt wants Ryan to listen to the CD, then call him to let him know what he thinks. He has a beef against Randy, thinking his problem is because he’s not related to any of the famous Jacksons.

William Roberts, 24, a temp from Long Beach, CA, sings in a really bad falsetto. Steven tells him he doesn’t think he’s ready for 2011, 2012, or 2013 American Idol. Jeannette Manning, 23, unemployed from Trenton, NJ, is quite possibly the worst today. J-Lo tells her she was way off on the notes.

Daniel Hall, 18, of Oceanside, CA, does more talking than singing. Anthony Granger, 24, also unemployed, but from Inglewood, CA, sings Pants on the Ground. Arista Pemberton, 26, of Culver City, CA, can’t hit the high notes to save her soul. She offers to dance, and it’s better. None of these people make it, as J-Lo announces LA is crazy.

Brothers Mark and Aaron Guiterrez 28 and 27, a substitute teacher and shoes salesman, from Redlands, CA, are both auditioning. Mark thinks the judges are going to see “scrawny kids” walk into the auditions, and aren’t going to know what to expect. The brothers sing Lean on Me together and are perhaps the first good auditioners today. They sound great together and separately.

The judges clap along with them, probably happy to not have their ears hurt for a change. J-Lo loved it and thought it was really beautiful, and Randy thought Mark and Aaron sounded great together, saying it always sounds good to hear siblings. Steven calls it “God-like” that two people can sing that well together. They both move on.

Cooper Robinson, 59, a street performer from “Somewhere Deep in AK” walks in wearing a getup that’s just hard to explain with embellishments, feathers, and something making tinkling sounds when he moves. He needs subtitles when he talks, as it’s too hard to understand what he’s saying. He explains the area where he lives as being dangerous. He thinks he’s 59, but isn’t sure.

Cooper starts singing I Feel Good, and he clearly does, and it’s probably through some artificial means. He believes he’s going to go to Hollywood, and looks like he’s going to start crying when he finds out differently. The judges are speechless. He says thank you and leaves. Jennifer doesn’t want to leave until she knows he’s gone. She has security usher her out.

This was just an odd night. Clearly this should have been two hours long, as there had to have been more than just five singers from Los Angeles that moved on to the Hollywood round. I know they usually don’t show them all, but only five? Another hour could have given us some good looks at a handful more and still allowed us to see these other interesting folks such as Cooper, Matt, and Tynisha.

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