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American Idol 10, Feb. 3 – Talentless in L.A.

While I’m definitely enjoying the direction of the show so far, I’m ready for the next phase. I’m ready for Hollywood. I want to see all these contestants who have been sent on to Hollywood make it or break it. I want to get going with this. We still have more auditions tonight, as well as one day next week, then we’ll finally head to Hollywood.

Victoria Garrett, 21, a telemarketer from Long Beach, CA, believes God brought the American Idol auditions to the world for a purpose, and she is the purpose. She intends to go in there and knock their socks off, and plans to be named the winner of season 10. Victoria is more of a squeaker than a singer.

With a touch more mean in him than usual, Steven Tyler tells Victoria she’s going to … Siberia! He also tells her she’s sweet. Randy thinks it sounds like animals getting shots. Steven keeps it going, saying she sounded, “not baa-a-a-ad … a sweet and angelic voice, like a little lamby.” Jennifer Lopez tells “Sweetie” it’s a no.

Tim Halperin, 23, in advertising sales in Fort Worth, TX, is excited to meet J-LO, saying he’s had a crush on her forever, and he’s nervous to see what she thinks of him. He sings She Will Be Loved, and is raw, but shows some promise. Randy tells Steven he felt like they weren’t even there, like Tim was only connecting with Jennifer.

Tim admits he’d had a crush on J-Lo growing up, which makes her laugh as Randy makes cracks about the age thing. When he tells her he had a crush on since 5th or 6th grade, J-Lo asks his age, to which he asks hers. Randy reprimands him, advising him to never ask a girl’s age. Back to the audition, Steven wants Tim to work on his voice, but says yes. Randy wants him to figure out who he needs to be vocally and says no. J-Lo wants him to work on the voice as well, but says yes.

Justin Carter, 27, a retail Salesperson from Hollywood, sings Secret Lyrics, and Jennifer finds it lacking some power underneath it, but it seems like she said something with much more color than “power.” We never do find out if Justin made it through or not.

Daniel Gomez from Corcoran, CA, and Isaac Rodriguez from Lemoore, CA, both 18, are friends. Isaac explains they believe in each other, even if the audition work out, and Daniel thinks it’s just more support for each other. He thinks Isaac has a better shot. Daniel sings first, but has a hard time keeping the melody. Steven tells him he’s so far away from it, it’s not there. Randy tells him it’s not for him, and that he’s relatively tone deaf. He gets three nos.

Isaac walks in and sings Build Me Up Buttercup, and doesn’t do any better. J-Lo tells him he has a nice smile. Steven jokes he set them all on fire, as Randy finishes that it was in the wrong way, as Isaac burned the song down. Isaac knows he messed up the words, and Randy laughs at Isaac thinking that’s all it was. He offers to sing something else, but is turned down. Randy tells him that he and Daniel should never sing again.

It’s day two already, and the first up is a MySpace auditioner. For the first time, Idol welcomed people to try out via MySpace, then come in for a real audition if they made it. Karen Rodriguez, 21, from New York City is too affected and has way too many runs. Steven thinks she has confidence, spit, fire, and melody with a great voice. J-Lo thinks she has beautiful control. Karen saw J-Lo before and recalls she liked her voice then too. Karen gets three yeses. She wants to be the first Latina Idol.

Tynisha Roches, 25, an entertainer from Hoboken, NJ, believes she’s the next American Idol. She’s a little irritating, as she thinks she’s really cool. It’s not going to go well, is it? She walks in with her own microphone and announces she’s doing a tribute to Frank Sinatra, who is spinning in his grave. As the judges laugh, Tynisha begs for another chance.

Singing anyway with her own microphone, Tynisha just keeps singing, so Randy walks out. She chases him backstage. He tries to strip the microphone from her, as does Steven, but they can’t. Security finally has to come in and get her off the stage. Thankfully. Steven figures Randy is going to see her when he closes his eyes that night.


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