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American Idol 10, Feb. 2 – More Promising Talent in Austin

Lucky me. I’m getting three nights of American Idol in a row, since I was behind this week and just watched and posted last week’s last night. Tonight the auditions take place in Austin, Texas. I always look so forward to this show, that I’d actually prefer if tonight had been another two hours, instead of just the planned one hour.

We start of with some words on the screen, apologies and assurances from American Idol. They are sorry for Steven Tyler’s behavior last week, and promise it won’t happen again. Following this, Jake Muck steps up to audition, and Steven asks him if he knows what that rhymes with. Jake asks if he’s referring to, “duck.” Steven tells him to read his lips. Yep, another one of those nights, but personally, I’m loving it.

Beyond that little interruption, we go back to the beginning of the audition day, with the judges arriving (Steven in a horse and carriage), and they’re waiting for Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony, comes in for a quick peck on the cheek, and Steven mentions he never kisses him like that, then launches into singing Family Affair.

Speaking of which, Corey Levoy, 21, a nursing assistant from Longview, TX, shows off his sister, saying they didn’t get to meet each other until he was 14 and she was 16, due to parental differences. Even though they lived just fifteen minutes away from each other their whole lives, they didn’t know it. They clicked once they finally met, and are now best friends. She’s the one who encouraged him to audition. Jennifer invites his sister to sit it on the judges’ panel.

Corey sings I Can’t Make You Love Me, and sounds good, once he beats the nerves down. He makes Steven sit up and take notice. His sister thinks he was amazing. Randy Jackson thinks he has a good voice and was surprised and impressed, because his speaking voice is so high. Corey’s been teased for that his whole life. J-Lo thinks the runs were beautiful and well-landed. Steven thinks he isn’t going to be teased anymore. He gets four “Heck yeahs.” He shows off his “J-Lo booty” at the end.

Holly Cavanaugh, 17, of McKinney, TX, originally from Lithuania, is singing At Last, and doesn’t sound like Etta James, but has a distinctly unique sound. Steven tells her she was all over the place with the melody, as Randy tells her she switched keys five or six times. J-Lo says she might just need to get more comfortable onstage to let it out. Holly starts to cry.

Randy says no, but J-Lo asks her to collect herself to get another chance. She tries to dry her tears to sing again, and still struggles a little with the melody on The Climb, but projects much better. J-Lo asks if she believes the song, and Holly says she does. Randy and J-Lo think it’s much better, and Randy reverses his vote to yes, as the other vote yes as well.

After a series of bad auditions, Rodolfo Ochoa, 17, of Los Fresnos, TX, walks in. He sings Circle of Life, and can definitely hold a note, but can’t seem to find a pitch. The judges interrupt him, as Randy tells him the audition isn’t going the way he’d want it to. J-Lo mentions his vibrato, but says it’s so out of tune with no melody. Randy tells him it was terrible.

A series of cowboys audition, and it doesn’t improve much here. In walks John Wayne Schulz, 23, a cowboy from Karnes City, TX. His mom explains he’s named after the Duke, as his dad wanted a song who was rough and tough. Ryan jokes it really would have sucked if he had been born their son, as John’s dad tells him he wouldn’t be that way if he were his son. His family has been in the cattle business for 150 years. In 2007, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he’s auditioning after promising her he’d do anything for her.

John sings Believe, and he’d make his momma proud. He has a great voice for country. J-Lo tells him the last “believe” brought a tear to her eye, as she believes him. She feels he has the strength of faith in his singing. Steven liked it, and Randy feels him and gets him. John brings his parents in. The judges tells parents and son, “Welcome to Hollywood.” Mom says she doesn’t think America will be disappointed in him. Ryan walks away with belt buckle damage to his hand after the celebration.


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