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American Idol 10, Jan. 26 and 27 – Milwaukee and Nashville

Steve Beghun, 27, from Bloomington, MN, is a CPA, and works for a big accounting firm as an auditor, as he says he doesn’t have a lot of friends. He claims to be a wedding and funeral singer, explaining weddings tend to be more fun. What a shock that is. He feels like he’s ready to step it up. He makes a joke with the judges about being a “big goon.”

He needs some polish, but there’s a certain quality about Steve that’s really interesting. Steven remarks he hasn’t heard anyone yet who can hit that note, yet with Steve it just kept going. J-Lo remarks on the voice not matching, using her 2-year-old son’s favorite comment, “What the …” Steven finds Steve to be disturbingly great. He gets three yeses. Steve goes out and picks up Ryan.

Vernika Patterson, 20, a student and cook from Milwaukee, walks in, and gets right to the audition, singing Loving You. She forgets the words, being nervous, and they allow her to start over. She doesn’t hit those high notes that Steven was talking about with Steve.

J-Lo tells Vernika it’s a beautiful song, and she thanks him, obviously misunderstanding. J-Lo doesn’t think it’s going to work, and Steven tells her she’s not ready for American Idol. Vernika thinks half of the people there can’t sing. She asks if it’s because she’s not skinny. Randy tells her it’s not about size, but about talent, and she walks out. They figure she said no to herself going to Hollywood.

Albert Rogers III, 24, of Ogelthorpe, GA, puts on a fake political speech, then steps up in front of the judges. Randy doesn’t believe he’s 24. Albert believes he sounds like Ruben Studdard, Luther Vandross, and Usher. He sings Stand By Me, but has a hard time holding onto his notes.

Steven tells Albert he never heard someone squeeze the flavor out of that song, but he squeezed it so slow, it was like Vanilla Fudge and Eleanor Rigby, He liked it, but he’s not sure if it’s right for American Idol. Randy thought it was terrible and a joke, and Steven reprimands him a little with a few “Heys.” Steven insists on a vote, and it’s three noes. Albert vows to be something big someday anyway.

Scott Dangerfield, 22, a student teacher from Milwaukee, bounds onto the stage, and Steven, admitting he’s colorblind, asks if he borrowed Steven’s lipstick, or if those are really his lips. Scott claims he was kissing one of the girls backstage. Steven breaks into Piece of My Heart but changes it to “bit of my lipstick.”

Singing Dreamin’, Scott has a great sound, one you wouldn’t expect in a Clay Aiken kind of way. Not the style, but the mismatched look and sound type of thing. J-Lo thinks he might be her favorite she’s seen so far, and insists on a vote. He’s through, and J-Lo wants him to keep the look, as she loves all of it.

Megan Frazier, 20, of Green Bay, calls the Green Bay Packers her passion, although today she’s wearing an Ameircan flag shirt. She’s a fan of the team because of her dad. She runs around screaming and cheering for the Pack. She fits in another “Go Pack Go” in front of the judges.

Singing Justin Bieber’s Baby, Megan tries to turn it opera, but doesn’t quite hit the notes. Steven pantomimes glass breaking, and Randy thinks the only thing missing is the cheesehead. She figures the show has had beat boxers and country singers, and now just needs some opera. Randy facetiously agrees he’s been looking for that all his life. They all vote no together, as Megan says “yes” over them. She predicts the Pack will win the Super Bowl, and considering this was filmed last fall sometime, that’s pretty close.

Alyson Jados, 26, a bartender and waitress from Chicago, can’t wait to meet Steven, her idol. She’s auditioning, because she wants to bring an edge, more rock-and-roll, to American Idol. Steven starts to say she looks like one of his …, but decides he shouldn’t finish it. Asked to tell a little about herself, Alyson says she loves him, and he then comes out to give her a hug. She also loves the Beatles and loves rock-and-roll. Alyson has seen Aerosmith five times.

Singing Come Together, Alyson really isn’t too bad, but might struggle with music other than rock. Steven asks, “In the immortal words of John Lennon, do you know any more?” Randy asks for an Aerosmith song, and she wants to do Dream On, but can’t do the end part. Steven kicks in to help out. He appreciates her singing his song, but does say she was a little pitchy. J-Lo thinks Alyson has a great quality that comes alive onstage, but Randy doesn’t think she’s ready. This means Steven has to break the tie. He sends her through.


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