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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 7 – Perfect Storm of Awfulness

Quickfire Hits
• I forgot about the Black Hammer!!! Antonia is the kiss of death – in her season if you worked with her on a team, you were going home. And this year, she works in a trio with Jamie and Tiffani and they both went home. And this week, her team loses and Marcel goes home. The Black Hammer lives!
• Big episode – you know how you can know? Super fast credits.
• Tiffany’s front work was so bad. Amazing how someone so personable can transform like that. She just turned into a fake laugher. You know people like that. It was sad to watch happen.
• Strange line from Blais regarding the Bodega theme – “If your redneck cousin wins the lottery, they’d dip caviar in ranch dressing.” How random – it is so random it sounds like a spy password.
• Marcel was doomed the minute he blew off Tom. You don’t mess with The Head Chef.
• Marcel doomed moment number two – “I left Angelo in charge of my dish.” Why! Angelo is The Mole!!
• Is anyone better at being Basil Exposition than Blais?
• Padma’s outfit at the challenge…makes up for the earlier debacle.
• Marcel’s best line upon returning to The Stew Room – “Blais, you can stop worrying.”
• Tony’s complement of Bodega – “Stoner Food at its finest.” HA!
• Lastly, from Tony on Etch – “Prison breaks are more organized and more efficient and have better teamwork” than them.

Next week – Sopranos reunion?

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