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American Idol 10, Jan. 20 – One of the Best Days So Far

Brett Loewenstern, 16, of Boca Raton, FL, would describe himself as different, a red apple in a pile of green apples. It’s interesting he doesn’t view himself as the green apple. He’s been picked on since the third grade and was never invited to birthday parties. He finally had an epiphany where he was comfortable with himself and decided he didn’t care what anyone else thought. He wants to show the judges he’s got what it takes.
Brett asks Steven if he remembers him, explaining he was getting off the elevator and Steven waved at him. He and Steven share hair tips using baby oil. Brett sings Bohemian Rhapsody and does well as J-Lo and Steven sing silently with him. Steven says “Wow,” and J-Lo states it’s her second case of goose pimples, and it’s still morning. She’s thinking Simply Red because of the hair and the soul. Steven tells him he was fabulous. Brett is embarrassed that he keeps smiling. I don’t think he’ll be stopping, as he’s through.

Gabriel Franks, 24, a pizza maker/dishwasher from Baton Rouge, feels he’s the next American Idol. He believes he has a strong voice, a wonderful personality, and a great sense of humor. He thinks American will fall in love with him and won’t let anything get in his way, except for a piece of paper that seems to have him stymied. This isn’t going to go well, is it?

Randy wonders if anyone ever told Gabriel he looks like a rock star, and he admits he won a contest for looking like Steven Tyler. Steven, however, points out he has Mick Jagger’s mouth. He sings Bad Romance, but his facial expressions are more interesting than his voice. It’s a no for everyone.

It’s a bad audition montage, full of costumes, screams, and masks. Once again, Steven’s facial expressions are more entertaining than the singing. A barge comes through and blows right while one guys is singing, almost like an exclamation point.

Alex Attardo, 18, a nursing student from New Orleans, went to Idol Camp when he was 15. It was his first time singing in front of people, but it was what he really wanted to do. It was the most eye-opening experience. He’s singing Proud Mary, and seems ill-advised that this is his future career path.

Randy jokes about canceling the camp, with J-Lo telling Alex not to listen to him. Steven clears it up, Saying Alex was so off the melody of the song, that even if he says he was doing his own rendition, when you stray that far it’s just … and he trails off here. Randy furthers it, saying honestly it was terrible. Really that wasn’t necessary at this point, as it’s clear someone led this guy to think he was good. You have to wonder what they’re doing at that camp. On the show they tell you you suck, but at camp they just take your money?

Jacee Badeaux, 15, of Lafayette, looks 12. He says he’s excited and ready. He’s singing Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay, and it’s my second chills of the night. I’ve heard this song sung myself while in New Orleans, and that city knows this song. J-Lo tells Jaycee he is so sweet and cute and has a beautiful voice. Steven says the sparkle in his eye is saying forget about her. Randy really loves him pointing at his watch on the word “time.” Jaycee gets yeses from J-Lo and Randy, and a “double helping of ooh yeah” from Steven.

Paris Tassin, 23, a medical assistant from New Orleans, got pregnant at 18, and wasn’t ready yet. The doctors told her the baby had hydrocephalus, water in the ventricles of the brain, and that the baby might not survive. They told her she shouldn’t have the baby, but she kept her anyway. Her daughter’s name is Kara, and she has problems with her hearing, but she’s very healthy other than that, and the best thing that’s happened to Paris. She’s singing for her.

Paris tells the judges about her special needs child, and Steven asks if she sings to her daughter, which she says she does, every day. She likes singing country and pop, and is singing Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home today. She definitely knows how to emote. I don’t have chills, but I have tears instead. Randy seems to be holding it in, but J-Lo is letting the tears fall. Oh, there’s the chills.

J-Lo tells Paris when she sang, she felt it. It brought tears to her eyes, and it was the first time she had that happen today. Paris says she does that for her daughter, as she wants to teach her to go for what she wants in her life. She gets three yeses, and promises the judges she’ll do even better next time. Steven tells her to go hold her baby girl tonight, and she promises to, as she’s waiting for her right outside the door.

Steven thinks it’s one of the best days they’ve had so far. On the way out, J-Lo sees Paris and Kara and tells the little girl her mommy sang really good today. Yeah, it’s going to be a good season. We didn’t spend too long on the bad auditions, and spent some time on the people who really deserved it. At this point, I’m even more hopeful than I was last night.

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