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American Idol 10, Jan. 20 – One of the Best Days So Far

Last night was very encouraging. It’s too early to tell if it’s going to be a good season, but if last night was any indication, we’ll miss Simon Cowell, but we’ll still have a lot of fun with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. There also seemed to be some good talent coming in on top of it. I’m hoping for more of the same tonight.
With words that makes it look like someone had just passed away, The show puts words up on a screen saying that on October 17, 2010, Blake Patterson had just auditioned for American Idol in New Orleans. … He won’t be going to Hollywood.” Just when we’re thinking he got hit by a train leaving his audition, we hear him sing. Apparently he was just rejected.

We’re in New Orleans tonight, one of my favorite cities, and it’s also Randy’s home state. Steven Tyler has a little hat on that looks like he belongs on “Men on Film,” and says “A little hat for a little …” and it’s bleeped out, but I think we can all figure out what he was trying to say here.

First up is Jordan Dorsey, 21, of LaPlace, LA. He’s a musician and teaches piano and vocal lessons. He explains he’s a very stern and hard teacher. He expects his students to practice four or five times a week, not just once. He wants to show them if you strive hard, you can be successful.

His grandmother is outside telling Ryan Seacrest he looks taller on television. He sings Over the Rainbow, and is amazing from the first note. It’s my first chills of the season. J-Lo’s digging it. She has chills too. They don’t even comment. They just all say yes. He feels good and talks about his life changing. He never expected it to happen.

Najsha Palmer, 21, a clerk from Marrero, LA is doing more screaming than anything else, leading to some great facial expressions from Steven. Randy just laughs. Steven says, “Wow, if it wasn’t for all that …” Jarrell Brewer, 23, in Sanitation Clean Up of Missouri City, TX, is more of the same. David LaRocca, 27, in advertising in LaPlace, LA, thinks he sounded good, as J-Lo tells him that’s all tht matters at the end of the day. Kiana Cardona, 17, of Lake Clarke Shores, FL, is waved off from Randy, as she sings Hallelujah, and cries at being rejected.

Randy is calling it a crazy room as Sarah Sellers, 28, a marketing analyst and food and music blogger of Richardson, TX, comes walking in. Steven asks her where she got those lips, and she states she doesn’t know, as no one in her family has large lips. Steven seems to understand. She thinks he could be related to her. She sings Make You Feel My Love, and is kind of raw, but does have something.

After Sarah sings, “There’s no doubt in my mind where you belong,” J-Lo tells her she knows where she belongs. Steven says he was sold from the second she laid eyes on him. Randy doesn’t get it. Steven and Randy both like Sarah’s voice. J-Lo thinks she’s one of the best they’ve heard. Sarah’s in.

Jovany Barreto, 23, a ship builder from Harvey, LA, talks about his parents who were born in Cuba, making him a first generation in this country. He wants to show J-Lo something. She was a goddess in his eyes, then married his idol Marc Anthony. A couple of guys form the shipyard bet him he wouldn’t take off his shirt in front of J-Lo. He sings a Latin tune and is definitely good.

After, Jovany tells Randy and Steven they’re the bomb, but he’s been watching J-Lo since he was young, and she’s a goddess in his eyes, and an inspiration to all of them. She tells him he has a really powerful voice, and when he gets to a whisper, it’s just as beautiful. She feels he has the talent. Steven found it very delicious. He gets two big yeses and a giant yes. He takes this opportunity to take his shirt off and apologizes to Marc. Steven and Randy flank him and lift up their shirts as well, as Randy observes they all three look the same.

Jacquelyn Dupree, 24, a cosmetologist from Summit, MS, comes in with a surprise for Randy. She has some pictures from when he was in high school. He recalls how handsome he was then. She brought another surprise with her as well, Randy’s old football coach. Steven asks if the coach ever had to paddle Randy, but hears Randy was too big for that.

Jacquelyn sings I’ll Stand By You, and is another one with raw talent. Randy notes she likes to be up in the that power zone, and J-Lo agrees, adding when she got real soft it was beautiufl, and the jump from one to the other was seamless. Steven thought she had great ups and down volume-wise. She gets three yeses and is in.


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