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American Idol 10, Jan. 19 – It's Hot; Let's Go, Baby.

After a lesson on how to be from New Jersey, Tiffany Rios, 21, a dance instructor from Morris Plains, NJ, is up,. She has huge stars taped onto what looks like a silver bra, and she’s teasing her hair. She thinks she’s different when it comes to style. I’ll say. She explains she’s been blessed with a nice front and back area because she’s Puerto Rican. She wants Ryan to look at her butt, but he refuses. j-Lo is her role model for what a star should be. Randy is curious if she was maybe inspired by J-Lo, and this makes her cry. In second grade, her godmother took her to see Selena, and that’s what made her start singing. J-Lo goes up and gives her a big hug.

Tiffany sings a little song she made up for American Idol, and this has “uh-oh” written all over it. She sings about why America needs her. J-Lo says it was original, and Steven asks why she has “jujubes on her ooh-ohh-bees,” wondering if she’s trying to blind him. She sings another song, Power of Love, which is much better.. J-Lo is glad she sang that, as she has a good voice, and they want to see that, even though she wants to shake it up, but she needs to be taken seriously. Steven likes her energy. She gets three yeses and is through.

We haven’t had enough bad auditions, so here they are. We don’t get their names, just snippets of them all, but that’s all we need. Steven tells one he’s not sure if singing is his forte, and tells another she’s just not ready, and yet another, she’s just not American Idol stuff. But J-Lo still has trouble saying no to people.This is until Melkia Wheatfall, 27, a mom from Baltimore, auditions. As she screeches through her song, J-Lo tells her she’s very sweet, but this is not for her. She feels bad to even say that. She might end up going the way of Ellen DeGeneres last year, who also had a hard time with the rejections.

Robbie Rosen, 16, of Merrick, NY, started singing before he could even speak. When he was in Kindergarten, he was in a wheelchair for a severe case of hip synovitis. He thought he might never walk again. Luckily, it did go away. He always envisioned himself on the Idol stage one day.

Robbie tells the judges he was meant for this. He sings Yesterday, and he is really good, although has a certain boy band quality. Steven says, “Wow, beautiful, nice arrangement.” J-Lo likes him, his voice, and thinks he’s cute. Randy likes the way he held his notes, and calls it “crazy mad vocals.” No vote. J-Lo says, “Hollywood. Goodbye.” Steven calls him the best in New Jersey.

After a montage of Steven flirting with the ladies, Chris Cordeiro, 18, a Boy Scout from North Arlington, NJ, is up. He should make Eagle Scout in a few months, but it’s still pending. He did a PSA for not texting while driving and thinks he’s following the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” today. J-Lo likes his outfit, which looks like a middle-aged man on a family vacation. He thinks there’s no doubt about the possibility of being the next American Idol.

Chris sings My Way, and is a little flat. Steven tells him the look with the bangs and he hat, and to do that song, he thought he’d knock them over, and he clearly didn’t. Chris asks for another shot with the chorus, and it only gets worse. Meanwhile, who is most likely his mom, hugs Ryan outside, singing the same thing. Steven thinks the Dawg should be howling. Chris asks if it wasn’t good, and Steven tells him it wasn’t. J-Lo only wants to know how Randy did this for ten years.

Michael Perotto, 19, a student from Worcester, MA, is getting nervous, which isn’t good, as being nervous makes him burp. He’s singing Proud Mary. Steven is cracking up, and he and J-Lo start banging the table to his beat. Steven asks if he ate a lot of paint chips as a child, and when Michael asks if it was all over the place, Steven tells him American Idol has a higher standard. Seriously, if even you think you’re all over the place, you probably shouldn’t audition.

Michael sings another song, which he says is higher standard, but it only gets worse. Steven says, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” J-Lo tells Michael it sounds like he’s not singing with his real voice. Steven suggests Broadway, but Randy clearly doesn’t want to encourage him. Michael believes that since he’s been singing for years, if he sucked, someone would have told him. You’d think so, wouldn’t you. Michael vows to not give up, and belches.

Ashley Sullivan, 25, of Springfield, MA, believes she is America’s Next Idol. Realizing she didn’t say it right, she suggests maybe she’s the first Awkward Idol. Thanks for doing the writing for me. She hopes to have a career like Britney Spears, but I’m still caught up on Awkward Idol. The judges ask her one question, and she just prattles on, admitting she rambles when she gets nervous. She sings Gimme Gimme, and is shouting quite a bit, so even with new judges, we know they’ll suggest Broadway.

Ashley starts to cry, and J-Lo tells her she’s so adorable, but the way she acts and is animated, it’s not for Idol, but Broadway. She says she wants to be the first Show Tune Pop Star. She wants to be the Liza Minnelli for American Idol. She drops to her knees, and Randy says she’s not right for him. She starts dancing on her knees, then goes back to tears. Randy says it’s a no for today, but J-Lo thinks he said no too quickly. She and Steven vote her through. Steven thinks you don’t find that many people like that with unbridled enthusiasm, and he vows to personally work that into something good.


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