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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 6 – Harry Potter and the Fishy Bloodline

Angelo, Mike, DC Tiff – Striped Bass with Corn Puree, Tomato, Aleppo Spice Rub, and Watermelon Gail was a fan of the flavors.

Angelo, Mike, DC Tiff – Pickled Blue Fish, Spicy Watermelon, Shallots, Red Chilies, Confit Potato and Dill. Padma thinks it was nice, especially the potatoes.

Blais, Marcel, Fabio – Sea Bass, Succotash, Corn Puree, Cherry Tomato Confit, Concord Gastrique and Jamon Air Gail found the beans overcooked, and Padma can’t understand why it had foam. Kerry wonders if Foam on the Beach is a bad cocktail.

Antonia – Open-Faced Porgie Po Boy with Old Bay Mayo and Cabbage Slaw. Kerry found a lot of courage in cooking the porgy, which is not a noble fish.

Carla – Smoked Blue Fish with Lettuce Wrap, Pickled Watermelon Rind, Shallots Radish, Bagel Croutons Gail loved the smoke, and Kerry found the dill and pumpernickel to be an ode to NY.

Dale – Fish Taco with Bass, Corn and Avocado Relish, Cilantro Crème Fraiche, Radishes and Shaved Cabbage Kerry compliments the fish being on top, although I still can’t see how that matters. It seems it highlights texture or something.

Jamie – Striped Bass, Watermelon Salad with Fresh Dill, Shaved Radish, Red Onion, and Cucumber Water Kerry ironically thinks the water was nice on its own. But why drown the fish with it?

SF Tiff – Smoked Blue Fish with Tomato, Roasted Corn and Zucchini Ribbon Salad. Padma thought it lacked acidity, and Kerry thought it lacked elegance. They all thought the fishiness was overwhelming.

Tre – Striped Sea Bass with Gazpacho Salad and Tomato Water Kerry felt that sautéing was a big chance by Tre. Seems to have worked.

The winners – The Carla and the Angelo teams. Carla wins. Delicious.

The losers – The Marcel and the Antonia teams. Antonia would have won if her team didn’t suck. They were so bad, they dragged a potential winner down with them. That should have been our final clue that Jamie/SF Tiff was done.

Quickfire hits
• I am reminded of the little dog that barks and barks and nips a big dog when I think about the budding Marcel/Dale rivalry. As we learned in S4, Dale has an aggressive temper. He’s the big dog. Marcel likes to annoy – he’s the dog that fits in Paris Hilton’s purse. So when they started sparring this week – I must admit to being amused. Marcel bitching about Dale only cooking about eight dishes in Dim Sum for the judges and thus being rewarded with the win – Awesome. And correct, I must add. Dale comparing his giant-headed fish to Marcel. Hysterical. Marcel’s bizarre rooftop rap…well, let’s try and forget that happened at all. I actually think Marcel was doing a Dale circa S4 impression up there.
• But Tre said it best, “I’ve noticed in the weeks I’ve been here that Marcel is kind of an asshole.”
• Can you think of a better breakfast than Carla’s sunny side up eggs? Those looked good!
• Angelo is afraid of the water. Because of Jaws. He knows that a shark can smell blood in the water for two miles. He won’t go into a pool. Dude just gets stranger by the day.
• Italy has a National Fishing Team? Really? Between that and the pet turtle, Fabio is getting more ridiculous.
• Anything more adorable than Antonia’s fourth grade girl screeching upon catching her fish? Maybe the ladies’ little butt-shaking Antonia dance which followed.
• There was sure a lot of sex jokes and hitting in the groin this week, right?
• Fabio/Blais friendship? I would love to see Antonia’s buddy comedy – The Professor and the Strange Italian Immigrant. Maybe that’s a Harry Potter story?
• How interesting it is that at these challenges, the guest know the chefs and ask questions like they are meeting up with an old friend?
• Mike = Blowfish. HA! Tre = Ray. HA! HA! Angelo = A Mermaid, the siren of the sea. HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Next week – Restaurant Wars. Let the games begin.

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