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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 4 – Tennis, Anyone?

Losers – Casey, DC Tiff, Tre and Spike. So just Casey, DC Tiff and Spike are facing elimination, meaning one of the chefs I was rooting for will be departing.

Spike tries to explain the strategy, badly. Tony says he had a good soup, but had too many hands in the dish, plus the shrimp were too bland. Tiff is reminded about Angelo’s duplicity in DC, and Tiff doubts again if there was anything shady with Angelo. Tiffany’s salad was overdressed, according to Gail. Tre’s dish was the worst one, but he is safe. It was overcooked and oily (thanks Angelo for over-searing it!). Casey’s gets hit for being heavy and using the faro to fake being healthy. She also starts going down the Jen path and is a bit put off by the critique.

So Spike gets knifed and “Mendelson is out.” It’s a shame, because he wasn’t worst of the 14, but that’s the breaks!

Quickfire Hits
• SF Tiff reminds us that stuffing is regional specific and even mother specific. Her mom forces everyone out of the house to make her stuffing, which is “Jedi Effing Stuffing.” They wouldn’t need utensils either, just using the Force.
• Was there an All-Stars’ bus?
• Did Dale think a tennis match is a site for upscale tastes? A sporting event in Queens? Let’s dial it back a notch, Dale.
• Why would DC Tiff help Angelo at all? She’s the only one who actually knows him! If his mackerel sucks, then let him suffer and get knocked out!
• Tre used to be heavy, good for him for taking off the weight and keeping it off.
• Carla is a runner, but Antonia was a pothead. Both facts make each of them so much more awesome to me.
• Carla also “manned up” according to Dale after “literally” chopping off half her finger. Not really, literally (NSFW clip). She bandaged up and cooked. See that, Jamie?
• Marcel felt like they were going out into a gladiator arena. At my signal, Unleash Hell! But I think the ancient Romans would have less interest in tennis rather than feeding prisoners to the lions.
• Meanwhile, Angelo thinks they are in a fighter jet. Seriously, it’s like he’s speaking his own version of the English language. This is the Anglish language.
• Extra scene – funny Stew Room dancing – Mike as ringleader, Carla with goofiness, and Casey with sexy dorkiness are the highlights for me.

Next time – Chefs go head-to-head with Tom in the Quickfire. They go to Chinatown where DC Tiff demands food, Dale is embarrassed to be a chef, an old Chinese man calls it “Caucasian dim sum” and it seems some diners are ready to walk out.

One last shout out – good luck to Julie and Eric, longtime and new Top Chef fans who are heading off in new professional adventures. We’ll miss you guys.

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