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Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 15 – The Hot-Headed Rooster vs. the Mother Hen

Russell is trying to push ahead further and is now firing two tickets at once. Vinnie, on meat station, is being slammed. Chef Ramsay comments that in the history of Hell’s Kitchen, they have never sent a four-top and a three-top at the same time. Food is flying out of the blue kitchen. Unfortunately for Russell, it is flying back in just as quickly, because it is rare. Russell seems to be more concerned with quantity and less so of quality. He should have learned this lesson after working under Chef Ramsay for so many weeks. Chef Ramsay tells Russell that L.A. Market does not run like this; he needs to focus on one table at a time.

Nona calls out her V.I.P table, her husband. It is a simple one beef; Melissa sends it up raw. Nona first had Boris slowing her down on fish, now Melissa is doing the same thing to her on beef.

Over in the blue kitchen Rob tells Russell there is no more tomato water ready for an order of ravioli. Unfortunately he waits until the order is being called up to the window to tell him. Russell looks like he is going to punch someone. He calls Jillian over to take Rob’s station, however Rob is not giving it up to her. Russell tells him to get out of the way and touches him; Rob pushes back and tells him not to touch him. Russell puffs his chest out like a rooster and say yeah don’t touch me. He is getting very aggressive. Unless L.A. Market wants a future lawsuit on their hands, I cannot imagine anyone hiring this hothead.

Both teams are finishing up their services. The difference is the red team all have smiles on their faces and a bounce in their step. The blue team all look like they want to kill someone. There is a huge difference in leadership style, even in the end when they clear down the kitchens. Russell fully expects to win, but judging from the faces of Rob and Vinnie, he should watch that he doesn’t get jumped in the alley.

Chef Ramsay is down in his office reading the customer comment cards. The producers are also showing clips of the service over. They also are focused on the differences in leadership style. A few shows back Russell stated that his biggest competition was himself. Personally I think his huge ego and aggressive behavior cost him the win tonight. He and Nona are both up in the dorms chewing their nails when the call comes in from Chef Ramsay that he has made a decision.

They both head down to Chef Ramsay‘s office. He says that the customer comment cards revealed that both menus were enjoyed. He goes on to say that the score from those cards was very close and he wishes he could offer the job to both of them. They are told to step up to their doors. As in previous seasons the person whose door opens is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen.

Downstairs waiting in the dining room for the winner, and the loser, are Russell’s dad and girlfriend, and Nona’s husband and her adorable baby boy. The staffs from both kitchens tonight are there also, along with who I would assume were the diners that evening.

The doors open and it is Nona walking through. She tells the diary cam that missing first steps and first birthdays was worth it to give their son a better life. Chef Ramsay tries to console Russell, but he is just too angry to listen to anything, or anyone. He believes that it was his team that caused him to lose. Russell continues, saying he will blacklist his team so that they will never get a job in any city where he works.

Chef Ramsay, in my opinion, made the right choice. Nona led her team to victory with respect and restraint. She focused on quality and never gave up.

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