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Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 15 – The Hot-Headed Rooster vs. the Mother Hen

Russell picks first. His smartest choice, I think, would be Jillian. Russell does in fact pick Jillian. Nona picks Gail; she is excited to be on Nona’s team. Well now that the two good chefs are picked, what the heck do you do? Vinnie is back and visibly does not want to work with Russell. He is refusing to look at him and is rolling his eyes. Russell thinks that he is tired; I guess that he doesn’t remember that his vote is what brought Vinnie down. There is quite obviously some bad feelings there. Vinnie tells the diary cam that if Russell picks him he is going to be sick to his stomach. Russell picks Vinnie; Vinnie thinks it sucks and does not want to “help that piece of crap win”.

Nona picks Melissa; she left early on in the competition. Chef Ramsay tells her it was a good choice. Rob, Trev, Boris and Sabrina are left. Russell picks Sabrina. Trev looks defeated, and Rob shoots daggers and Boris, well he looks like Boris. Sabrina is ecstatic. Vinnie is shocked, but Russell says he is going with his gut. He doesn’t think that she had many bad services, just a bad attitude. Nona picks Trev and is again told by Chef Ramsay that it was a good choice. I think so, too, even though the guy drove me nuts all season. He did make it to final four and he has a strong dislike of Russell. Rob is the last chosen for Russell’s team, which leaves Nona with Boris. They both say they love their teams.

Nona believes in her team; she thinks they are loyal and want her to win. I would also agree with that. She didn’t make any enemies this season, except maybe Sabrina who didn’t like anyone. Russell, on the other hand, treated people horribly all season long. It is that cocky attitude that he once again displays when he says he knows he has this in the bag. I would be worried if I were him. He has a lazy big mouth, a guy who blames him for his departure, and a guy that was upset to be his last choice on his team. Russell, however, is too cocky to even notice that.

While the teams sleep, the workers go in and transform the dining rooms. Bright and early the next morning, the teams are in their kitchens prepping for service. Nona says her biggest concern is Boris. She continues on and says “he is just slow …. mentally”.

Over in Russell’s blue kitchen, they are chugging right along; that is all but Vinnie. Russell calls him out on it but it doesn’t make a bit of difference. Russell believes Vinnie is just jealous of him. Vinnie calls him out and says it was really dirty what you did to me. Russell tells him to get over it, and tells the diary cam that he will put his (Vinnie’s) ass through a wall. Russell tells him if he wants to be on the other team to get the heck out of there. There is an hour before the doors open; Vinnie walks out of the kitchen. Quickly Russell calls him back and says to just get fired up. Vinnie stays, but is not happy about it.

A couple of minutes before the doors open, Russell and Nona are given their Executive White Chefs Coats. These two finalists couldn’t be more different in the way they run their kitchen. Russell needs to be top dog and browbeat people into submission. Nona is soft spoken and motherly, asking for their help, not demanding it.

The first ticket for blue has Vinnie re-firing scallops. Russell yells and screams and says he is going to ride him all night. Red’s first ticket has Trev bringing up an overdressed salad. Nona calmly walks over and explains exactly how she wants it done. Both kitchens are pushing out appetizers. Their families and future boss are out in the dining room. The two kitchens are neck-and-neck and on to entrees.

Sabrina decides to switch up Russells menu and adds stock to a pan-seared piece of beef. Chef Ramsay catches it, and Russell yells that she is stewing the meat. Her next dish, beef, is sent up raw. Russell pulls Vinnie off of fish and puts him on beef, and Chef Ramsay likes the switch.

Nona is having some of the same problems when Boris brings up raw halibut. She asks him how long it was in the oven; he says four minutes. She tells him it needs to be in there five minutes. He re-fires the fish and again brings it up raw. She asks him, again, how long he had it in the oven and he says four minutes. She walks over to the fish station, and again tells him five minutes. Trev says if it happens again, he is jumping over to that station.

Russell takes advantage of all of Boris’ misfires and pulls ahead. Boris again brings the halibut up to the window and again it is raw. This entrée is for a large table and it has completely stopped Nona’s kitchen. Trev jumps on the station. Boris and Trev start arguing, and eventually Chef Ramsay has to step in. This is what I was worried about with calm and passive Nona; she is losing control of her own kitchen. Finally, the fish goes out properly but they have lost a lot of ground.