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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 3 – Smells Like a Head Shop

Winners – ChiDale, Angelo, Antonia and Tre. The winner gets a six night trip to New Zealand. Say hi to Phil for us , and watch out for orcs . Bottom line – Antonia’s peas and carrots were a hit, Angelo’s chocolate impressed, Tre’s fish was successfully treated as the star of the plate, and Dale’s restraint and egg skills were golden for Wylie.

Dale takes the win, although I expected it to go to Angelo. I am much happier to see Dale win, as I liked his dish a lot more. And we can’t let Angelo get even cockier than he is now. Of course, it’s not like Dale is suffering from a lack of confidence.

Losers – Stephen, SF Tiff, Fabio and Miami Dale are sent to the chopping block. In one fell swoop, Season 1 is in danger of being knocked out of the All-Star season.

Fabio admits to his lack of Asian skills, and Bourdain throws him a bone stating that smarter people than them have failed to figure out Chang. Tom played bad cop and killed him for having too much fat and an over-reduced sauce.

Stephen is frustrated because he considers himself an expert in Italian food, prompting some smirks and a virtual heart attack from Fabio. Bourdain nails him on the unpleasant scent of the food, although Kate says it was a shame because the fish was cooked very well.

Tiff just had troubles and Tom tells her she seemed to do too much and wound up with a dish that started to fall apart, and was watery and mushy. Bourdain thought it was a parody of Wylie rather than homage.
Dale considered Burke’s food to be “food with Jazz Hands.” Tom said the point of view was off, and Kate is baffled by the breakfast dish. Tom summed up – you gave us a breakfast dish with veal on it.

In the end, it was the two dishes that were just too unpleasant to eat that get nailed – Stephen and Miami Dale. It’s a shame, because Dale is a lot of fun. Stephen seemed out of his league, but Dale was a runner-up. He is looking forward to returning for Top Chef 16: Seniors. We’ll be watching.

Quickfire Hits
• Great moment – during QF judging, Padma greeted Team Casey with a “hello ladies.” Problem is, Miami Dale was part of that team. Padma’s embarrassment was highly adorable; then again, as we all know, everything Padma does is at least adorable, and usually sexy.
• Speaking of…Padma’s pink restaurant hopping dress is still haunting my thoughts. And can you imagine any cab in NYC not stopping to pick her up?
• Fabio thinks that Angelo’s pants are too tight. I have more of a concern with that damn zipper that keeps dangling from Angelo’s chin in his confessionals.
• Some day, I would like to eat in all of those restaurants, even if that may require eating sea urchin. Or having a fish swimming in my drinking glasses.
• Funny moment – at the Team Blais “time’s up” moment, Spike is carrying a tray as everyone does the traditional hands up move. “I can’t put my hands up right now!”
• Carla in the Stew Room – “You should’ve seen me use the circulator, y’all!” How can you not like Carla?
• I have to say, Fabio looks put out this season. His expressions have shown to me someone who really didn’t want to do this again – reminds me of Sugar and Colby in Heroes vs. Villains and Kevin/Drew in Amazing Race All-Stars. Their hearts just not really into it.
• Tom’s best line in response to Stephen’s belief he is an expert in fine dining because he likes fine dining – “I have great knowledge of Led Zeppelin, but that doesn’t make me Jimmy Page.” I would love to see Tom jamming to Dazed and Confused or Black Dog.
• Extra scene – Marcel was once accused of plagiarism by one of Wylie’s sous chefs. Yawn.

Next week – The U.S. Open. Someone is bleeding, probably Jamie. Spike’s hair is starting to take over his body, if only he had more hats.

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