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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 3 – Smells Like a Head Shop

Carla, ChiDale, Marcel, SF Tiff – Lamb Carpaccio, Artichoke Chips, Artichoke Salad, and Garlic Oil

Stephen, Blais, Spike, Tre – Crispy Lamb Chop with Artichoke Three Ways, with Garlic, Fish Sauce, and Wine Juice

Casey, Antonia, Jamie, Miami Dale – Lamb Carpaccio with Capers, Garlic, Reggiano and Salad with Artichoke

Angelo, DC Tiff, Mike, Fabio – Lamb with Garlic, Tadoori Spiced Yogurt, Slivers of Artichoke, Dill Salad

Chang smacks down Team Casey for overwhelming parmesan and parsley, and Team Angelo (stunning to them) for how much the thyme and dill blew out the yogurt. He credits Team Marcel for a unique and complex Carpaccio and Team Blais for tasty bold flavors in their chop. Team Blais wins, gets no immunity, but each earn five grand. Blais is thrilled to have taken the lead and won.

Elimination Challenge – The four teams remain intact and are sent off to dine in four elite New York restaurants. They are then expected to create a dish inspired by that restaurant’s menu, to be served to the judges and the famous chef owning those restaurants. The best one from each group competes for the win at Judge’s Table, the worst one from each group faces elimination, with two of the four getting knifed.

Team Angelo is sent to Ma Peche, one of Chang’s locations. Team Casey is sent to Dave Burke’s Townhouse. Team Blais has Michael White’s Merea, and Team Marcel is sent to Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50. The notable aspects to these locations – Fabio’s inability to cook non-Italian food becomes a big issue as he heads to a French/Vietnamese restaurant. Stephen is gassed to be heading to a fine dining location where he often eats, although he seems to think that wine and suits are the only parts of fine dining. But then again, he is Stephen, and well, that’s Stephen. Carla is really worried about cooking with Wylie’s technological gadgets, while Marcel is inspired. Team Casey is overwhelmed by the whimsy in the Townhouse, Antonia most of all. Miami Dale is excited because whimsy is what he does best.

The judges for the challenge are the owners of each restaurant, at their own place, along with Tom, Padma, Bourdain and Kate Krader, the Restaurant Editor from Food & Wine Magazine.