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Amazing Race 17 Finale – Nice Guys…Er…Ladies, Finish First

QVC and Jill/Thomas – AR17
Cowboys and Steve/Allie – AR16
Globetrotters and Poker Chicks – AR15
Ken/Tina, Luke/Margie, Kisha/Jen – AR14
Toni/Dallas – AR13
Ronald/Christina, Kynt/Vyxsin – AR12

And if we are really giving second chances – I would suggest those who got nailed by U-Turns (Lorena/Jason, Amanda/Kris, Joe/Heidi, Chad/Steph), or by crazy errors (Zev/Justin, Azaria/Hendekea), or were just fun teams who bowed out early (Team Princeton, the Sci-Fi Geeks, Anita/Arthur).

And maybe one day, we will get a true Amazing Race All-Stars pitting the Race winners against each other. One can dream, can’t one?

Route Markers
“California Gurls” on the soundtrack as we move to LA. Is there a show Katy Perry is not appearing on these days? I mean, other than “Sesame Street.”
• I laughed when Thomas quipped that he would need his Spanish skills in LA – and then they got a driver who didn’t speak English. Sadly, he wasn’t a Spanish speaker.
• Claire – “We need to be hungrier than Thomas, and I’m starving.” Just don’t get some Diary Queen in the airport, ask Chad about that one.
• Brook – “I’d rather be in LA traffic than Bangladesh traffic.” That should be on California bumper stickers.
• More KNat awesomeness – Like Kat focusing and scarfing down that cow head after two decades of vegetarianism, Nat climbed that crane with the mindset of “just get it over with.” And how cool was that moment before they dropped when Kat held her hand and calmed her down?
• And some give an Emmy to the show’s music editor – first Katy Perry and then Ride of the Valkyries during the helicopter ride! I love the smell of smog in the morning.
• Claire on Brook doing the float challenge – “she does this in her free time.” Brook felt right at home on floats as a former beauty queen. Meanwhile, Thomas’ ego that believes he is smarter than his lady led them to save the final Roadblock for him, thinking it would be the Race Wrap-up Quiz. Oops, Thomas ain’t so crafty now!
• Lots of cool editing driven drama at the quiz and in the traffic – the reason the Race is so darn good.
• KNat on the Mat – finally being crazy excited, to the point that it looked like a Pee Dance. Or Poo Pee Dance.
• Brook wanted to prove you don’t have to be a “grumpy boots” or a “nasty gnarly chick” to prove to be a strong woman. I am going to start to use the phrase grumpy boots from now on.
• Hint – Mallory asking to do it again…she is. Chad and Steph talking about the Race to their kids…they will be able to do so in about, six months or so.

So, another Race down and the excitement will build for February 20 and the 18th edition of this awesome…dare I say…Amazing show, which wasn’t supposed to survive past the fourth edition.

Roadblock – Decorate a Rose Parade float. Nat, Thomas and Brook.

Final Order of Finish – KNat, QVC, Bigfoot and Wife, Tattoo Two, Chad/Steph, Garlory, YouTube, Volleyball Girls, Princeton, Andie/Jenna, Ron/Tony.


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