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Amazing Race 17 Finale – Nice Guys…Er…Ladies, Finish First

Attention Reality Show contestants – especially Amazing Racers. Mark the day – December 12, 2010. This is the day where you should realize that you can win a reality show, even one as grueling as the Amazing Race, without being a total a-hole. In fact, you can race around the world being polite to everyone you meet, nice to your partner, with smiles planted firmly upon your faces.

I bring you Nat and Kat – officially the winners of Amazing Race 17, the first all-female team to win the Race, and by far (at least from what we have seen on screen) the nicest team to ever win the whole darn thing. Probably the closest team in likability to win the Race was TK/Rachel who “niced” up the 12th Race. The doctors ran this race with something that is lacking with most reality show contestants – grace. They had giant smiles on their faces all the way from Massachusetts to California and were a joy to watch. As I have said before, the final three were all likable in varying degrees (even Thomas), and in very different ways. There have only been a few times in 17 Races can we say that has been the case.

Also, only a few times in those Races can we say that the best team won. I think that is what happened here. QVC was worthy, and Bigfoot and Wife were formidable, but I think KNat ran the best overall Race. One of their worst legs – in Oman – it was revealed in one of their post-Race interviews that they had an incorrect map (the same one that Garlory had which eliminated them). Other than that leg, they were fairly strong throughout the Race and won several legs.

And as a result, we have our first all-Female winning team. Bravo. Now, I still think that Dustin/Kandice were as good as KNat. The BQ’s finished fourth and second on back-to-back Races which is pretty darn good. But winning trumps pretty darn good, so KNat tops the list. If I were casting a Race with all ladies – and I would love to have that task – here is my All-Female Amazing Race All-Stars.

1 – KNat – The only winners.
2 – BQs (AR 10 & 11) – As previously stated, if KNat is 1, BQs are 1A.
3 – QVC – Unfortunate for them to have raced against KNat.
4 – Jamie/Cara (AR 14) – Until this season, only the BQs ever finished higher.
5 – Charla/Mirna (AR 5 & 11) – a third and a sixth place, I couldn’t stand them, but they were pretty successful.
6 – Lyn/Karlyn (AR 10) – Unexpectedly the first all-Female team to cross the Finish Line.
7 – Godlewski Sisters (AR8) – Lots of bickering, but a strong fourth place for the only all-female four-person family in the ill-fated Family Edition.
8 – Kisha/Jen (AR14) – Poor bladder control kept them from Jamie/Cara’s position.
9 – Linda/Karen (AR5) – At the time, the highest placing ladies.
10 – Nancy/Emily (AR1) – If only they hadn’t given up…

For the 11 and 12 spots, I could go with the other women to finish in fifth place – AR5’s Kami/Karli and AR16’s Carol/Brandy – but I didn’t find either team all that strong or impressive. So I would go to a pair of sixth place finishers – and there were four – Mary/Peach (AR2), Tian/Jaree (AR4), Kelly/Christy (AR13) and Maria/Tiffany (AR15). I would go with Mary and Peach, who won a leg that season, and the Poker Chicks from AR15.

But of course, we won’t get that All-Star Season, instead we get “Unfinished Business.” But more on that later.