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The Amazing Race 17, Dec. 12 – Great Advertisement for Google

The Doctors find Quixote Studios and mention the only clue they knew right away was the year of Monroe’s itch. It’s 7, obviously. They get a challenge that will take place inside a game show studio. Forty-eght different people wearing hats are shown on screens, and eleven of them are the greeters at the pit stops along the Race. They’ll need to use a control pad to select the eleven greeters and put them in the right order. It will be Bob Eubanks handing them their next clue. He doesn’t look to have aged at all in the last thirty years.

Nat and Kat start observing the people in hats and are feeling very overwhelmed with all of this. They’re lucky in that there’s no one else there right now to confuse them. Brook and Claire get all their answers and head to the Studio. Jill is demanding to get out of the cab. They ask to use the Internet at the first business they see, but come up empty.

The Doctors had written down all the legs of the Race where they had been, so get that out to figure out these people and the order. Jill and Thomas are now outside begging people to let them use the Internet. It’s safe to assume they’ve probably lost. The Doctors are now struggling as Brook and Claire get closer. The Doctors finish and get the clue from Bob. They now hav to travel by taxi to Graystone Mansion, the final stop.

Brook and Claire arrive and are excited to meet Bob, telling him he’s like their idol. The Doctors get caught in traffic while Brook and Claire are breezing through this challenge. Oddly, when they finish, this is the time they choose not to hug someone.

Jill and Thomas are back in their original taxi, oddly enough, where he mentions they’re having more of a language barrier here than in any other country. Nat and Kat are stuck in traffic as Brook and Claire seem to be moving full speed ahead. It’s deifnitely going to be an all-female team winning The Amazing Race.

A taxi arrives at the mansion and the other teams are all there waiting and clapping. It’s the Doctors who come running in to jump on Phil’s mat one last time. Phil tells them they’ve made Amazing Race history as the first all-female team to win. and have also won a million dollars.

Phil asks what it means for the doctors’ relatiobship, and Kat explains the experience has totally bonded them, and no one will ever toally understand waht they went through other than all the other teams. He knows Nat wanted to come on the Race as a diabetic person. She explains that’s just who she is, and she is so grateful to have run the whole thing. It’s means the world to her to show people what you can do with diabetes.

Kat calls Nat a great teammate and says it’s boggled her mind. It’s never been easy but she’s never complained and she can’t be any more proud of her. She really is her sister and it’s something they’ll share for the rest of their lives.

Brook and Claire come running in and are named team number two. Both first and second place go to the women this season. They are glad to have raced together as Claire admits to laughing their way around the world. Brook says Claire shocked her getting hit in the face with a watermelon and scaling down a canyon.

Brooks feels the idea of a strong woman usually means you’re a “grumpy boots” or a masculine gnarly person, but it doesn’t have to mean that, as you can tap into your femininity while still being a strong woman. She thinks the Race is full of Brook and Claire flair.

Jill and Thomas run in and are named team number three. Phil notes they’ve been consistent and have made a few mistakes, but nothing as much as today. Thomas feels they’ve had an unbelievable race and are fortunate to have been a part of it. Jill starts to cry trying to explain the experience, as he sums it up and calls it special. He feels fortunate to have done it with her and is very proud of her.

Mallory mentions she’s had some of the best times with her father, and doesn’t often get to spend that kind of time with him, since she’s one of four kids. Stephanie is going to take every moment and cherish it and can’t wait to tell their kids about it. Nat is really proud to be that record-brekaing team, and Kat calls it priceless.

Almost as exciting as the finale of this record-breaking season is the preview for next season. It’ll be an All Stars of sorts, but is titled Unfinished Business. It’s filled with teams who left the Race because of a mistake.

Seen on the trailer were Kynt and Vyxsin, Jaime and Cara, Mel and Mike, Margie and Luke, Amanda and Kris, Gary and Matt, Kisha and Jen, the Poker Chicks, the Detectives, the Globetrotters, the Cowboys, and from this season, Brook and Claire, Michael and Kevin, Nick and Vicki, the Glee Team, and Gary and Mallory. Can there really be sixteen teams? Did I miss any?

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