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The Amazing Race 17, Dec. 12 – Great Advertisement for Google

Nat and Kat get a clue telling them to take a helicopter to a surprise destination as Brook and Claire are telling each other “I love you” before they jump. Brook admits it’s the free falling that has her most fearful.Later she mentions that’s where she just about lost her bananas. She’s screaming hysterically after, losing her bananas. Jill and Thomas get their next clue, and Brook and Claire are right behind them.

The Doctors board the helicopter and call it really cool. Jill and Thomas do the same, as he wonders how far they are behind the doctors. Brook and Claire board their helicopter and call it awesome. Brook knows seeing L.A. from the air will be spectacular. Nat calls it the way to travel in L.A. Seeing another helicopter ahead of them, Jill wonders if it’s the Doctors.

Seeing the Rose Bowl, the Doctors can’t believe they’re landing there. Their next clue is a Roadblock. One member of each team must decorate three sections of the official float of the Tournament of Roses Organization. When they’re done, the 2009 Rose Queen will give them the next clue. Nat is off to decorate the float and is in search of mums to decorate the A section. She says she likes interior decorating, but she’s not an artist and is more of a left brain kind of girl.

Jill and Thomas land with Thomas deciding to do the Roadblock, as Jill points out he’s been holding off on Roadblocks in order to do the final one. Yet once they got there, seeing the crafty float-decorating, she’s second-guessing that decision. He knows he’s not very crafty and that it would have been better for Jill to do it. They were hoping for something with upper body strength.

Brook is excited landing here, as she loves college football. Claire knows this task has Brook written all over it, and jokes this is what she does in her free time. Recognizing this is where they usually catch up, Claire just wants to do it and be on their way. Brook admits she’s been on a few floats in her life, so she feels right at home in the float Brigade. “These are my people.”

Nat is just decorating things the same way the woman next to her is doing, as Thomas is trying to go as fast as possible, yet also doing everything correctly. Nat asks to have her float evaluated, but is told her roses aren’t prepped correctly. She hadn’t noticed they wre filled with water, so has to go back and do that. She finally gets it passed and gets her next clue from the Rose Queen.

The clue the Doctors get has them figuring out the answers to the following three questions to get the next location they’re traveling to:

1. I am Sancho Panza’s master.
2. I am the plce to hear The Symphony in the Glen.
3. Monroe’s Year of the Itch.

The Doctors run for a cab and ask the drivers if they have an iPhone. Smart doctors. They resort to asking drivers the questions they can’t find any iPhones. Thomas finishes his part of the float and gets his clue, as he and Jill go sit in taxi to figure it out. Nat is borrowing a driver’s phone and asks whoever answers if she can Google something for her. The woman replies she can’t, as she has a line of people waiting right now. Nat begs, saying she’s in a race for a lot of money.

Thomas asks their driver if he can call a friend who is near a computer, and is told, “No, it’s my computer.” They tell him to just hand them his phone, and thye’ll do the asking. Nat is still trying to get someone to Google Sancho Panza’s master.

Brook finishes her section of the float, and she and Claire run out to the taxis. As Thomas is questioning why someone on the phone doesn’t have Google, Brook gets the answer to the first question, that it’s a character from Don Quixote. Thomas is still trying to get someone to do a Google search, asking their driver if he even knows what it is. Kat remembers a place called “Quixote’s Studio.”

Jill and Thomas’ driver doesn’t even know what the Internet is, yet he owns the computer. Brook and Claire ask to be taken to a hotel with Internet. Jill and Thomas are stuck on the freeway but need to get out of the cab, as the Doctors are on their way to Quixote Studios, trying to find the right one. They find out they need Griffin Park to hear the Symphony. Brook and Claire are at the hotel, as Jill and Thomas’ driver keeps telling them he has GPS every time they want to be taken to a computer.


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