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The Amazing Race 17, Dec. 12 – Great Advertisement for Google

The Amazing Race 17 has been an interesting season to say the least. There was the delay of a team’s start because of oversleeping, as well as a team that chose to look for fast food instead of looking for quicker flights. And that was the same team! There was also a team that quit on a non-elimination leg, leaving them to just have a very undignified end to their season the following week. This leaves us with three very qualified teams, with all of them standing a very good chance at taking the title tonight.

The first team to leave Seoul are Jill and Thomas at 3:57 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to their final destination city of Los Angeles. There they’ll travel to the Port of Long Beach and find Pier J to get their next clue. Jill believes they have ran hard, worked hard, and played hard the entire Race. She knows the girls have a chance to make TAR history, but doesn’t think it’s going to happen. He wants to keep the streak of no all-female teams going. He’s also looking forward to breaking out his Spanish skills in L.A. Not only is that’s a very interesting statement, I hadn’t realized until now they never went to a Spanish-speaking country.

Brook and Claire leave at 4:23 AM, and Brook knows what they do best is work under pressure all the time. It’s all about their jobs and having to be under pressure every day. Claire thinks if they stay focused and run a clean leg, using their communication skills, they’ll take first place. Brook wants to beat Thomas, and notes they just need to be hungrier than he is. Brook, in particular, is starving.

Nat and Kat leave just four minutes later and use their cab driver’s phone in transit to the airport. Nat notes that they both lived in L.A. for about four years, and UCLA is where they met, so she’s hoping it’s a sign of good mojo the rest of the way. Kat knows they’re used to digging for something else in their toughest moments, so is hoping it will be an advantage for them.

Jill and Thomas sit in front of the Korean Air ticketing counter waiting for it to open and knowing Brook and Claire will be arriving soon. The shopping hosts meet up with them moments later, and Jill tells them they look cute in their “little outfits.” Again, Brook points out that their goal was to leave a little bit of “Brook and Claire Flair” all over. And now for the last leg, they’ve saved out the “cheetah pants.” Will those have them racing quicker?

The Doctors arrive just after this with Nat saying she’s glad there are two all-female teams here and Thomas is the only guy standing. He’ll have to race his butt off to make sure he won’t get beat by the girls. They joke about that sitting in front of Korean Air, with Brook suggesting they all get pedicures later.

All three teams hit the ticket counter when it opens up and all get the same flight. The editors get points here for lightening up the mood and playing California Gurls, not the Beach Boys one, or the David Lee Roth one, for that matter. The one by Katy Perry.

After landing in L.A., the teams catch cabs to Long Beach. Brook mentions the traffic, then points out she’d rather be in L.A. traffic than Bangladesh traffic. Arriving at Pier J, Nat observes several cranes holding platforms high up in the air and wonders if they’ll be on the platforms. She’s not a fan of heights, with it being her biggest fear.

The clue tells the Doctors to ride an elevator up to the top of the crane, get a clue, get strapped in a bungee swing, then plummet into the water. On dry land, they’ll open that clue. Nat admits just thinking about the heights before the Race even started made her heart race. She was terrified earlier in the Race on the ski lift. Kat tells her they’ll be just fine. I’ll say this. Heights don’t bother me too much, but the thought of having to bungee jump is one of the few things keeping me from participating in the Race.

The other teams arrive with Thomas wondering if it’s some type of bungee, as Jill starts to freak out. Brook is fearing it as well, but knows she’ll just have to deal with it. At the top, Nat decides it’s mind over matter, but also admits she is trying to convince herself of it more than anyone else. As Nat struggles, the other teams arrive at the top and wonder if they’ll have to bypass her as they sit waiting for her to jump.

Jill wants Thomas to hold her hand when she jumps. He’s looking out and calling the sights gorgeous. Brook looks fearful for perhaps the first time on the Race. Nat and Kat hold hands and are dropped. They make it and laugh. Nat says while they swing down there it’s the scariest thing she’s ever done and she’s never doing it again. She’s excited to have not peed her pants. Jill and Thomas are the next to drop,


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