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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 2 – F-Bombs and T-Rexes

Quickfire Hits
• Who knew Joe Jonas was funny? Tweens, maybe. But not me. “You have 30 seconds. Just kidding!” HA! The chefs instantly panicked for one second thinking they had to make a snack in less than a minute! Blais thinks Joe eats filet mignon cheez doodles – and I would totally eat that!
• And, yes, ChiDale, Joe Jonas is a pastry chef. And Miley Cyrus is a CPA.
• Miami Dale accurately says that all of those sweets were basically “crack for small children.”
• Was ChiDale’s hogging of the sugar, or SHOOO-gar (thanks Fabio) foreshadowing to the likely villain status for Dale? I assume so.
• SF Tiff made a threesome – of her snack, not…oh, you know. OK, now I have mental images.
• Blais used to eat cereal with heavy cream as a kid. Why? Because it’s delicious. Can’t argue with that!
• Miami Dale and Jamie each comment about how much they do not want to have children, or like children at all. No worries about finding a surrogate for these two.
• Um, did I hear Casey right? Was she comparing mixing a giant bowl of batter to giving a well, um, manual stimulation? Or was that selective hearing? Did it have to do with SF Tiff’s threesome?
• Of course Blais teaches a Liquid Nitrogen 101 class.
• Fabio teasing Spike about how not all their dishes were good because Spike was cooking them.
• Jen rightfully tells Miami Dale that you cook for the judges on these challenges. He thinks that’s selfish, and I think that you have to remember the crowd you are cooking for (remember Amanda using alcohol when cooking for kids last season), but the bottom line is making food the judges won’t eliminate you on. Something Jen understood, but failed to do.
• Extra scene – Fabio working the crowd. Because that’s what he does.

Next Week – Double Elimination. Sea Urchin. Frozen Melons. Plagerism. And Tony thinks something tastes like a head shop.

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