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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 2 – F-Bombs and T-Rexes

Elimination Challenge – After spending a brief few moments sleeping on cots in the museum, the chefs must make breakfast for the kids and their family. They have very little time to do the challenge as the museum had to open for business in the morning. They remain in teams and SF Tiff’s team has to choose to be a carnivore dinosaur or a herbivore dinosaur. She chooses being the carnivore, not realizing that that means meat and other animal products only. Casey thinks that they eat brontosauruses thanks to Jurassic Park. Using that frame of reference, they also eat lawyers. Nothing else at all. Of course, it means the veggie team gets no dairy, for breakfast. So equal disadvantage.

Before the challenge, some of Team Veggie elects to explore instead of nap. Clearly, it made no difference. In the crowded kitchen, not much happened, except Jamie slicing her finger. Tre, Casey and Fabio all comment about how lame that is. Fabio and his S5 broken finger have the most to say on that one.

Team Veggie
ChiDale and Mike – Fresh Corn Grits, Stewed Peppers and Salsa Verde Gail likes the creativity, and Katie likes the peppers.

Marcel, Blais and Angelo – Banana Parfait with Seasonal Fruit and Tandoori MapleMarcel and Angelo have a small tiff about the portion size (something Tom later complements, which proves Angelo correct). Boy, the all liked it. Gail showed her skill with kids by holding the plate up and asking if they thought it was pretty like a painting.

Carla and Spike – V9 Gazpacho with Fruits and Vegetables. Some kids didn’t care for the aftertaste, and in fact one really disliked it. Of course, she doesn’t like tomatoes, so, it really never had a chance.

Fabio and Stephen – Potato Gnocchi with Leeks, Spinach and MushroomsAntonia questions wanting to eat gnocchi (and gazpacho for that matter) for breakfast. But what’s wrong with potatoes and tomatoes with breakfast food? Gail and Katie also comment about that, especially on how that showed some creative thinking. Katie is a fan of the flavors and Tom found it to be some of the better gnocchi he has ever had.

Team Animal Parts
Antonia and DC Tiff – Mini Frittatas: Bacon and Cheddar, Ham and Cheese, and Chevre. The bacon was good, but the frittatas were randomly cooked, too many were undercooked.

Tre and Casey – Salmon with Shrimp and Apple Smoked Bacon SauceCasey admits to not tasting Tre’s sauce, which is a problem because Tre has over-reduced it. Katie’s was cooked nicely, but Tom got a bone. Tre’s sauce was far too salty.

Jen and Jamie – Braised Bacon and Hard Boiled Eggs. The bacon was a disaster, it had no flavor and Gail thinks it wasn’t cooked enough.

Miami Dale and SF Tiff – Steak and Eggs with Hollandaise. The steak was good, as was the sauce, but the dish was really easy and underwhelming.

The Veggie team wins and the parfait earns the win for Marcel/Blais/Angelo, with Marcel claiming more of a win. Stay classy, Marcel. The meat eaters go in for the loss. SF Tiff and Miami Dale are ok, and Casey’s fish was fine. DC Tiff and Antonia had inconsistent frittatas that were “raw and runny.” Tre had bad sauce, which he knew about, thus confusing Tom.