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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 2 – F-Bombs and T-Rexes

Quickfire – Joe Jonas shows up to judge the Quickfire and tweens around the country swooned. Come to think of it, not too many tweens are sitting up at 10:00 pm on a Wednesday watching Top Chef. So, their moms swooned for them. The challenge is to provide a late night snack for kids who will be spending the night in the Natural History Museum in Manhattan. Most chefs went for sweet, but some tried for savory. While I like savory snacks, kids…all about the sweet.

Antonia – White Chocolate and Cherry Muffin with Cinnamon and All Spice

Blais – White Bread, Spiced Apples with Whipped Honey and Crunchy Chocolate

Spike – Homemade Potato and Carrot Chips with Mascarpone and Marshmallow Dip

Tre – Cracker and Cranberry and Cherry Jam, Apple Smoked Bacon

Casey – Chocolate and Bacon Lasagne with Apple Juice and Candy. ChiDale thought this was disgusting, to me it sounds amazing.

Miami Dale – Sweet Tart Nuggets and Caveman Boulders with Chocolate Sauce, with pretzels, Whoppers, and Cinnamon Graham Crackers.

Jamie – Mini Cheddar Biscuits with Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

DC Tiff – Coconut Rice Pudding with Grapefruit Sauce

ChiDale – Corn Cake with Dried Cherries and Whipped Maple Topping. Dale’s may or may not have been laced with NyQuil.

Fabio – Apple with White Chocolate, Caramael and Blueberry and another with Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow and Candy Ginger

SF Tiff – Rice Crispy Treat Snowball with Malted Milk and Graham Crackers

Angelo – Cheese Crisp 2010: The New Revolution – Fried Dough, White Pepper, Old Bay Spice and Cheddar Crumbs

Stephen – Snickerdoodle with White Chocolate, Coconut Ganache and Apricot and Mint

Jen – Bacon Ginger Taffy and Honey Grilled Peaches. If the kids don’t like it, they “can whip it at each other.” Sugared up children with projectile weapons. Awesome.

Mike – Chocolate Coconut Corn Bar and Coconut Herchata Chaser. This was made after Mike insulted his mom’s bag lunches from childhood. Poor Mama Isabella!

Either I missed it, or we were not shown Marcel’s or Carla’s dishes.

Bottom Three
DC Tiff – messy and hard to keep together. That’s what she said.
Mike – Chocolate was not enough
Stephen – mint wasn’t strong enough.

Top Two – Spike and SF Tiff. Joe badly lies and says he can’t make up his mind, so the chefs will divide into two teams and make enough of these two snacks for the kids at the museum and they will decide the winner. Spike takes Blais first, and SF Tiff goes with Jen. The rest goes by far too quickly. What it breaks down to is the “Spice Girls and their bodyguard (Miami Dale),” and “cool guys and their babysitter (Carla).” Stunningly, the kids pick Tiff’s sugar bomb. She gets immunity and is able to select her option in the…