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Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 8 – Around the World in One Challenge

Nona is up next. Everything is again running smoothly. Chef Scott is about to test her on mashed potatos, which are actually made with celery root. She doesn’t catch it, even though she tastes it. Even with that error, everything else is good, and no one is screaming or yelling behind her. Between Nona and Russell, they have fed half of the dining room. Chef Ramsay tells her well done and sends her back to her station.

Trev is up next. He calls out the first order and the second order with no responses from anyone in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay steps in and yells at everyone to answer him. Trev doesn’t seem to care as he keeps calling out tickets. He calls entrée orders for a table before the appetizer orders have even left the kitchen. Chef Ramsay catches that mistake and stops the Wellingtons.

No food has left the kitchen under Trev. Chef Scott does try to slip a seabass in a halibut’s place but it is caught. Catching Chef Scott’s mistake gives Trev a boost of confidence and entrees start going out to the diners. He is sent back with a comment of “Nice,” and Jillian is the last to come up to the pass.

I guess Jillian believes that it is her job to scream and scold the others. She also curses more than Chef Ramsay. Russell tells the diary cam he thought she was going to pop a blood vessel. Chef Scott brings her a NY Strip instead of a Ribeye, which she does not catch. This just makes her scream more.

Jillian is so worried that she is going to let something else slip that she is attacking everything. She wants Trev to bring up two completely equal in size fish steaks, even if it means a complete refire. She is reminding me of my Chihuahua Tinker – littlest dog, most annoying mouth. She is only picking on Trev, the easiest target.

Chef Ramsay tells Jillian she has to control the kitchen or the kitchen will control her. He steps in and starts yelling at Trev too. I can’t stand the guy as much as the next person, but I have to say I feel sorry for him tonight. Trev is told if he tries to screw her again he is out of the kitchen. The service picks up and is completed.

Chef Ramsay tells the contestants to go upstairs and decide who deserves to stay and who deserves to go. Trev believes he deserves to win it more than anyone and that since he has gotten the black jacket he has been the most consistent. He believes Jillian ran the pass horribly and Nona was awful. They are all starting to attack each other. There is no way they are going to come to any kind of agreement on who the second person for elimination should be.

Chef Ramsay joins everyone back in the dining room. He announces that one of them is not ready to take the job at the L.A. Market and calls Trev up to take off his jacket. Chef Ramsay tells him he did a good job and wishes him luck. He tells the final three that this is hard, because they have all earned the right to be in the final.

The giant Hell’s Kitchen screens drop down behind Chef Ramsay. My guess is that the final two are going to see their faces flash up there.

He asks Russell why he should be in the finals. Russell believes he has had a target on his back but has lived up to the expectations. Nona rolls her eyes.

Nona believe she should be there because she has given everything to him. She adds that she has worked hard and didn’t come into it thinking it was a breeze.

Jillian also says she has worked hard and kicked ass, and will die trying.

The first person in the final is Russell, up pops his face. Russell will be joined by Nona. Jillian tells her that she needs to win. Chef Ramsay calls Jillian up to him and tells her not to take her jacket off; she deserves to keep it.

This final two seems the most obvious since a few weeks into the season. Nona runs up to Chef Ramsay and gets a big hug. Both she and Russell are very excited. Russell most definitely knows he is going to be the winner and his only competition is himself. Nona is excited about the challenge.

Of course in the previews you see some of the weakest players of the season returning to work in the kitchen. Some of the bridges Russell burned in the early part of the season might just come back to bite him as Rob and Vinnie don’t look all that happy to be part of his team. We all know better though than to read into the previews.

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