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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 11 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Route Markers
• With no time being shown connected to the Tattoo Two’s departure, you have to conclude that not only did they have the six-hour penalty, but they were substantially behind. QVC was about 40 minutes behind Bigfoot and Wife, and I speculate the Tattoo Two even further behind QVC. Regardless, without further information, I’ll speculate they weren’t very close to making that flight.
• QVC pulling their best Cha Cha Cha impression and went to the hotel concierge to book a drama free flight out of Hong Kong (if this was Twitter I would add #racehistoryknowledge).
• Knee-high sweat socks…a look that never goes out of style in my book.
• Things I can do without – reality show contestants discussing international relations and world politics. Although having Brook team up with Kim Jong Il to put the other Racers in time out was an interesting diplomatic move, to say the least.
• Watching them raft along the Demilitarized Zone I kept thinking of two things – what would Hawkeye say? And anyone remember the awesome shot from Teri and Ian rafting when Teri went headfirst into the water?
• Brook and Claire not even remotely paddling during the raft challenge…awesome. Even funnier, instead of cursing, Claire unleashed a “Kelly Clarkson!!!” that would have made Steve Carell proud.
• The Roadblock…meh. A Tae Kwon Do challenge is great – remember AR4 and Kelly trying to break that block (Jon to her – think of my face…) – but matching headbands? Not as great. Although it led to some incredible feats of agility by the soldiers who flipped in all sorts of Jedi kind of ways to break those blocks.
• Perfect edit – Nat – “No one has seen Nick and Vicki.” Cut to – Nick and Vicki asleep on the airplane.
• Thomas on not doing the delivery challenge – “We suck at delivering stuff.” So the show – let’s call it Notre Dames – will not have Thomas working at UPS. Sorry Kevin James, no room for a cameo..
• Claire on Brook’s ability to do anything – “I am sure she’ll say, ‘I was a pro ice skater when I was seven, I won three Gold Medals…” Meanwhile, the speed skating was not one to make Apolo Anton Ono proud, and if it were anyone other than the doctors I would wonder if they knew Ono from the Olympics or from Dancing with the Stars.
• Cab driver fun. Vicki’s had no sense of urgency, a weak bladder and the ability to find convenience store owners in love with inked up Americans. QVC’s wanted to make his own Cash Cab show, but more Love Connection, with him as both Chuck Woollery and the guest. And Bigfoot’s driver getting on the phone and totally arguing with dispatch before the team escaped to find another, younger, driver.
• Because we know Thomas likes young people – this exchange can be used in the sitcom – “Let’s ask this guy?” “No, you can’t ask old people.” “What about him, is he more in your age range?” Have I mentioned how much I love Jill?
• Thomas pretending to be an airplane. Amazing, especially when taken out of context and using the point of view of that Korean guy.

First Task – Rafting along the Demilitarized Zone – somewhere near where James Bond (looking an awful lot like Thomas Crown) got captured and tortured.

Speed Bump – We get a brief glimpse at the Tattoo two washing a muddy tank.

Roadblock – At a U.S. military base, look for the soldier doing Tae Kwon Do wearing a matching headband to the one the team member randomly selects. Thomas, Brook and Kat do the task, we never see the Tattoo Two do this.

Detour – Full Throttle – go to an ice rink and tag team speed skate 20 laps. Or Full Bottle – “Deliver six jars of ginseng to a shop and then drink the tea. The jars look like they contain specimens from Aliens. All Three Final teams do the skate task, again, we never see TT do this one.

Order of Finish – Bigfoot and Wife (winning a trip to Argentina), QVC, KNat, and Tattoo Two (ELIMINATED)

Next Week – The Finale. Will QVC or KNat make history? There are bungee jumps, helicopters, cab rides, and a surprise (not so surprising for some paying attention online) about Amazing Race 18.

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