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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 11 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Because you just might get it. Having read some online chatter over the last week regarding Nick and Vicki’s six-hour penalty and the hopes by some for the Tattoo Two to not be greeted with an equalizer, I say, this is the alternative. There was no drama after the first segment of the show as to who was getting eliminated. A nine-hour deficit is virtually impossible to overcome. Once Phil confirmed that a team was getting eliminated this week, you know the Tattoo Two would fall one leg short.

So, this is the nature of the show. Some may call it a flaw, others a virtue. Without equalizers, teams can fall irreversibly out of contention. This happened in Season One, a full day separated the teams and it was clear that only two teams had a chance to win in the final few episodes. The show decided that was not something that was beneficial. So what do you as fans of the show want – teams equalized or teams nine hours behind? It is the fine line the show tries to walk – not too many of them, but just enough to keep things interesting. It is a hard thing to manage, but they usually do a good job.

So, with the Tattoo Two all but eliminated, this week was just a leisurely stroll through South Korea with only the need for the other three teams not to screw up so badly that they would be left behind on a later flight to the States. And that didn’t happen. So, while it was fun to see the sights in South Korea, and to see these three very likable teams make their way through the course, it was still just a mere appetizer for next week’s main course.

We have a Final Three where five of the six are women – the only time that has happened was during All-Stars. And no matter what Thomas’ faults are, he and Jill are infinitely more likable than Eric and Danielle. In fact, I must say that this is one of the few Races where all three teams are rather likable. A few faults, but I have grown to be quite fond of all three of them. I would be very happy if any of them won, although I fully believe that based on all of the talk about the all-Female team drought that either QVC or KNat are going to take home the Gold next week.

The best way I can describe how much I like all three is to say that I would like to see more of them. In fact, I would like to see CBS or some other network develop some brand new shows with these guys. Jill and Thomas can easily star in some new sitcom – he’s a Notre Dame educated know-it-all, she’s a hot hairdresser, they bicker, but really love each other. Cast Cybill Shepherd as her mom and Matt LeBlanc as his brother, and throw in Bill Pullman as his clueless boss and the My Big Fat Greek Wedding lady as hers, and you have a winning show.

Meanwhile, I personally have a moratorium on watching new hospital or police dramas (Hawaii Five-O being an exception thanks to Grace Park and Jin from Lost), but I would watch “Dr. Arizona,” a medical drama with Nat and Kat starring as two smart, gorgeous doctors who set up practice in Nat’s home state of Arizona. They may not have ice skating there, but they have plenty of funny situations. Selma Hayek can play their Hispanic friend who is fighting the state’s immigration law by setting up a clinic in Yuma for immigrants. Nat and Kat, along with love interests played by Matthew Fox and Tony from 24, join the practice and find themselves saving lives, embroiled in political controversies and loving life, medicine and one another.

And CBS would be crazy not to jettison the entire Early Show crew (again) and take on the other shows with the Early Show starring Brook and Claire. No one will fall asleep before their morning coffee with the boundless energy from these two lovely ladies. Their back and forth repartee and bubbly outlook on the day’s events is a perfect antidote to the saccharine Lauer/Viera combination or the absence of chemistry over on ABC. Brook and Claire dare you to watch and not be raring to go with your day.
Can you tell that nothing really happened in this episode?