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The Amazing Race 17, Dec. 5 – Brook and Claire Flair

Back at the skating rink, Kat is channeling her inner Apolo Anton Ohno. Jill knows they need to do well on the next part of the Race after they ended up so close with Brook and Claire, still not realizing they took a cab when they shouldn’t. Jill wants to ask an older man for directions, but Thomas declares him too old. She finds another local and asks, “Is he in your age range?”
Thomas tries to describe the airplane statue, as Brook and Claire find it first. They get a clue to make their way to the Temple of Heaven, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. Nat and Kat know they look ridiculous skating and are terribly slow, but they’re having a lot of fun doing it. They finish the task and Nat tells all they’re available for the next Olympics if they’d like.

Brook and Claire hop in a taxi to Temple of Heaven, as Jill and Thomas are finally finding the airplane statue. He wonders how no one knows what that is, since it’s huge. Brook and Claire make it to the temple, and run onto Phil’s mat. He tells them they’re the first to arrive, but they took a taxi when they shouldn’t have. It’s a thirty-minute penalty they need to wait through.

Jill and Thomas are flagging down a taxi to the temple and he’s asking if anyone speaks English . He wants to speak to whoever his driver is ,calling for directions … if they speak Englsh. They get out and get another driver and they’re glad he’s younger. This time they reach the temple and see Brook and Claire waiting.

Jill and Thomas are called team number one because of the penalty and win a trip for two to Argentina. Thomas says they’re pumped, as that’s why they’re there, the millions bucks. Jill feels like they deserve to be in the final three as they worked hard. Thomas adds they’ll continue to do that and hopefully things will work out for the best.

The Doctors arrive at the Airplane Statue and run for a cab to take them to the temple. Brook and Claire’s thirty minutes run out, and they’re officially named team number two. They still have a chance to be the first all-female team to win. The Doctors run in next and are named team number three. They are yet another team with a chance to be the first all-female team to win. Nat says it’s about time after seventeen seasons for an all-female team to win.

Nick and Vicki get to the base and know they’re behind everyoe else. They know it’s probably their last leg. They do a speed bump where they have to clean up an army tank, and she says they’ve learned so much about communicating and are still learning. Nick knows the hardest part was acknowledging the flaws in their relationship. He’s very proud of Vicki as she always went for it 100% in life and in this race. He wouldn’t change her even for a second.

Nick and Vicki finish their leg and are the last to arrive on Phil’s mat and are eliminated. She’s blessed to have made it this far and calls it the best experience of her life. What Nick says he’s learned is that being angry doesn’t change anything and being rude to people isn’t helpful. He didn’t care coming in whose feelings he hurt as he had a tough guy image. Vicki thinks it’s a good thng she made it this far without killing him. They know they still have things to work on, but think it can only get better from here.

The women’s teams are focused on being the first to win, but Thomas doesn’t care about that at all. He still seems to feel that money is rightfully theirs. All three of these teams have been very strong on the Race so far and have flip-flopped amongst themselves for positioning, so I wouldn’t count anyone out or in just yet. It could be an exciting finish!

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