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The Amazing Race 17, Dec. 5 – Brook and Claire Flair

Jill and Thomas find a Roadblock. One member of each team must grab a headband and walk amongst the soldiers going through their training regiment to find one wearing a headband that matches their own, while trying not to get punched. When they do, the soldier will come up and kick a board displaying their clue. Thomas decides he’ll be doing this one.
Brook and Claire arrive, and Brook decides she’s the one who is ready to “be all you can be.” Brook thinks they all look the same. She guesses wrong and has to go back and get another headband, and Thomas finds the right headband and gets his board kicked to get his clue. In martial arts myself, I can tell you these look like lighter boards.

Jill and Thomas get a clue telling them to make their way on foot to a subway station where they’ll travel to Seoul World Cup Stadium. The Doctors arrive next, and Kat decides to do it. Brook starts her search again and declares, “I’m surrounded by Ninjas.” Very different, but that’s okay. Brook finds the right headband, gets her board broken, and they’re off.

Kat is still searching, and Jill and Thomas are at the subway station waiting, looking for Brook and Claire. Kat finds the right headband and gets her board broken and her and Nat take off for the subway. Jill and Thomas board their subway train, and Brook and Claire await the next train, as the Doctors arrive. They note they still haven’t seen Nick and Vicki, who are fast asleep on their flight.

Jil and Thomas run into the stadium and find a Detour – Full Throttle or Full Bottle. In Full Throttle, teams will make their way on foot or subway to an ice skating rink, don gear, and skate in a two-person relay for a total of twenty-four laps. In Full Bottle, they’ll make their way on foot or subway to a market, put on delivery uniforms, and deliver a total of six bottles of giant ginseng roots. When they’re delivered unbroken, they’ll have to drink a bottle of ginseng tonic, then will get their next clue.

Jill and Thomas decide to ice skate, as he says they suck at delivering things. The other two teams arrive as well, and while the Doctors decide to do Full Throttle, Claire says no, as she hasn’t ice skated since she was about 7, although she’s sure Brook was probably once a professional skater. Claire then says she’ll do it, but doesn’t want Brook to yell and scream at her when she can’t do it well.

As Jill and Thomas are happy to not see the other teams yet, Nick and Vicki are arriving in Seoul, and head to the bridge. They follow behind a local acting as a guide, as Brook and Claire break the rules and hop in a cab. Claire is sitll just worried about how badly she’ll suck at ice skating. Nick and Vicki ge their clue at the bridge and head to the Army base.

The Doctors miss their train again. Brook and Claire arrive at the skating rink and Brook calls it disgusting to put the ice skating suit on, as it’s not the “Brook and Claire flair.” Jill and Thomas arrive and can’t figure out how Brook and Claire got there ahead of them. Jill asks Thomas if he’s almost ready, and he tells her yes, he’s putting his skates on, and she “needs to shut up.”

Nick and Vicki’s guide pulls over, saying, “I need to toilet.” One of the other guys they’re with gives the “beautiful woman” something, as Nick tells Vicki he wants her.

Claire is barely moving around the rink, yet Brook is laughing at Thomas and the way he’s moving around the rink. Claire is the first to fall. Jill’s the next one. Nick and Vicki get stopped as their guide runs out and grabs their clue to ask someone where the base is. He brings it back and says, “They also don’t know. Follow me.” It’s quite the hysterical situation that this group of guys are guiding them and don’t have any more clue than they do.

Jill and Thomas finish skating first and get a clue to head to Han Riverside Park, to search for an airplane statue where they’ll find their next clue. Brook and Claire finish shortly after, as the Doctors are arriving. Nat cracks she grew up in Arizona so has a lot of experience ice skating. Jill and Thomas catch a cab and ask for assurance their driver knows where he’s going. Brook and Claire also get in a cab as their driver tells Claire she’s beautiful and asks if she’s solo. She, as we found out last week is engaged, but she tells him she’s married, and he tells her he’s a comedian, which I think is him trying to say he’s just joking.


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