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The Amazing Race 17, Dec. 5 – Brook and Claire Flair

Nick and Vicki are still in this thing, despite the fact that he all but quit last week. It’ll be interesting to see if the other teams are behind them and if they can make up that six hour penalty in the airport. If they can, it will definitely make for an exciting finish tonight!
Nat and Kat are the the first to leave Hong Kong at 4:37 PM. Their clue tells them to fly to Seoul, South Korea, where they’ll drive themselves to the de-militarized zone near the North Korean border and search for the Seungil Bridge to find the next clue. Kat notes that in the beginning they just wanted to go to every country and do every challenge, but now that they’re closer to the end; it’s become more of a reality. Nat thinks they can make it to the end and the final three if they can avoid making any mistakes. They’re worried about driving to the Korean border,

Jill and Thomas are the next to leave at 4:47 PM. He thinks they’re the top contenders in the Race, but also knows there are some very hungry, smart, athletic women that have proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. Brook and Claire are the next to leave at 5:26 PM. They head to a hotel right way to make flight arrangements, feeling it’s best to get it done right away after their troubles in Oman. Brook feels it would be horrific to not make it into the final three at this point. They have said since day one they wanted to be the first all-female team to win the Race, and that’s looking more possible. Claire has a good feeling about it, that they’ll be standing on the mat with Phil saying they made history.

The other two teams are walking through the airport, and the Doctors again bring up the weirdness of driving to the Korean border. Brook and Claire find a flight at 12:25 AM. The agent faxes their information to someone at the airport, and they go to go get some coffee while they wait. The Doctors find the same 12:25 AM flight while at the airport, and Jill and Thomas do as well.

Brook and Claire are more worried about what they’re wearing and note they saved a few special outfits for the last leg of the Race, doing it with “Brook and Claire flair.” The Doctors “get girly” and ask another American to buy them a travel book, saying they don’t have any money. He obliges.

Nick and Vicki are the last to depart, but we have no idea at one time it is, since it just says “last to depart.” They’re trying to get to the airport as soon as possible. He thinks the Race has opened up their eyes to the flaws in their relationship as we see all of the times he berated her. They just want to put it behind them and catch up to everyone.

Thomas notes they’re about to board their flight, but haven’t seen Nick and Vicki yet. He knows that doesn’t mean they aren’t right on their tail. Nick and Vicki are at the airport checking in looking for a flight, and the agent finds them the 12:25 AM flight, but notes it just left. They get another flight leaving at 9:30 AM. That’s can’t be good. They hope that one of the other teams are going to “get lost or something.” Sure, but for nine hours?

The other teams land in Seoul and take off in the rental cars. Jill and Thomas are arguing about the driving, as are Brook and Claire. Jill and Thomas are looking at a map realizing how close North Korea is and hoping to find the bridge quickly. Brook makes yet another odd comment and talks about looking for an alliance with North Korea to have them look out for the other teams and “put them in a timeout or something.” Claire thinks maybe they could solve the conflict, as Brooke suggests the challenge would mention to drive to the border, and put on a bulletproof vest.

The Doctors are hoping to just make it there since they’re following signs that don’t have even a bit of English on them. Nick and Vicki finally board their flight, as she says anything can happen. It’s raining in Seoul, making it just that much harder for everyone to find and get to the bridge. Jill and Thomas get there first and find they have to whitewater raft down a river, then board a Humvee that will take them to an Army base and their next clue.

Brook and Claire arrive next sporting raincoats in their “Brook and Claire flair. ” The Doctors arrive just after. Jill and Thomas get a raft and a guide, and take off after Thomas initially slips in the wet ground. Brook and Claire scream their way through their rafting course, and the Doctors board their craft as Kat says she used to go whitewater rafting before, but this is still a whole new experience for her. It definitely looks like fun, thrilling fun. For some reason Claire shouts out, “Kelly Clarkson” while rafting. Odd. Also odd is the next time they show them in their boat, they’ve switched sides.

Boarding the Humvee, Thomas says that just being that close to such a serious situation is a wild experience. The next team to board a Humvee are Brook and Claire as Brook says this is how they roll. The doctors board theirs as well. Jill and Thomas are taken to the United States Army Garrison Casey Base, right in front of a group of soldiers practicing Tae Kwon Do.


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