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Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 1 – Chef Ramsay’s Delicate Touch

Russell is now on fish station and is having trouble bringing a halibut out. Trev takes this as a sign that he should step up and start screaming orders at everyone. Ugh. Trev is trying to throw Russell under the bus by making him look stupid. The last entrée is waiting on Nona and her Risotto. The table has more D list celebrities, Sanjaya Malakar and his sister from American Idol. Poor Nona sends up a bland risotto and has to refire her dish.

Chef Ramsay congratulates them on an overall good service. He sends them upstairs to choose two for elimination. Jillian, rightfully so, says she had a great service and doesn’t deserve to go up. Trev agrees that “he” had a great service, yep there went the sock. Of course meats went out well Chef Ramsay, as Nona put it, was there wiping his rear.

Trev stays true to the plan and nominates Russell and Nona. Nona nominates Trev and Russell; she really doesn’t have a choice but to put Russell up with Jillian’s performance. Jillian nominates Russell and Trev, to Trev’s surprise. Russell puts up Trev, then goes off on him. He tells him he is lucky he didn’t go off on him. Russell is going to be the second nomination.

Downstairs Chef Ramsay asks Trev who the first nominee is and why. Trev says it was pretty easy for everyone, it is him. He adds that they think he was not communicating well enough. The second nomination is Russell because of undercooked halibut and bad scallops. Chef Ramsay calls them both down to the front.

Russell is asked why he should stay. He believes he can lead and push other people without them getting offended. Hopefully Russell has been watching this show and has learned something about his behavior and the way he comes across to other people. There is a definite disconnect with reality in that statement. Chef Ramsay tells him that he is concerned that his arrogance outshines his talents.

Chef Ramsay moves over to Trev and tells him that he panics and trips all over himself. He is asked why he should stay in Hell’s Kitchen. Trev believes he stepped up and became the caliber that Chef Ramsay expects and is looking for. Chef Ramsay calls Trev’s name and then sends him back in line. He tells Russell to come here. He says to him it is time for you, to see your girlfriend, mom and dad.

Trev’s sister and best friend are there also; along with Jillian’s boyfriend and two sons. Nona is about to explode when her husband and baby appear. She has the absolute cutest son; the smile he gives his momma is priceless. Chef Ramsay decides to send no one home. All the contestants are recharged after seeing their families.

Next week Chef Ramsay will be eliminating two chefs after dinner service. It looks like it is going to be a train wreck when they each get their turn running the pass. It appears that Nona is thrown out, but I have learned that they love to do things with editing, so it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen.

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