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Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 1 – Chef Ramsay’s Delicate Touch

Chef Ramsay starts with Jillian. He is not commenting on anything other than remarking that the dish was nice. Nona is next, and he again doesn’t say much. He does seem to like her dish and the flavors a lot. There are a lot of nice, good and mmmm’s being heard. Russell presents almost the same dish as Nona except he uses bacon. Trev is last; Chef Ramsay also likes his dish. He asks where the puree is and walks back and tastes it in the food processor. He notes that it is carrots and is upset that Trev didn’t put it on. He also compliments the sauce.

Chef Ramsay calls Trev’s puree stunning and says had he put it on the plate he would have been the only one who made it right. Trev again hits a homerun with the addition to the port wine. Russell and Nona get the veal correct. Jillian is not doing so well with this challenge. The decision is going to come down to pancetta or bacon as it is narrowed down to just the two of them. Nona pulls it out with the pancetta and wins the challenge. She wins a spa trip to Beverly Hills and a surprise that is upstairs. The rest will be doing all the laundry and prep work for the kitchen.

The ironing punishment is always my favorite Jean Philippe moment, because he is always such a stickler for perfection in his dining room. I really miss him this season; he has a great presence on the show. Nona gets to pick a friend to enjoy spa day with her and to Jillian’s surprise she chooses Russell. Jillian is visibly mad as she thought she had that in the bag. To me it seems fair; his dish was a very close second. Plus, do you really want Russell mad at you?

Russell and Nona are sent upstairs to change and Nona is again congratulated on her winning dish from Chef Ramsay. When they go upstairs Nona has a gift of new cookware waiting for her, along with an autographed copy of Chef Ramsay’s new cookbook. Trev and Jillian start right away prepping the kitchen, while Russell and Nona lay on massage tables getting star treatments.

While ironing, Trev and Jillian come up with a plan. No matter how well Nona and Russell do tonight, they are going to send them up for elimination. Yep that will work, Chef Ramsay will choose either of you up against the strongest two. He won’t pull you off and be completely angry for your stupidity. They don’t see themselves as weaker, just underprivileged. The sock has been thrown for the first time tonight; imagine that it was something having to do with Trev.

When Russell and Nona return to the kitchen, Nona tells the diary cam that she really did want to take Jillian to the spa. She continues to say the reason she took Russell was so she would stay off his target list. When everyone is in the kitchen getting ready for service, Jillian has no problems showing Nona exactly how she feels about being left behind. This is the downfall of many a contestant on reality competition shows; you can’t perform at the top of your game if you are so angry. For Jillian, who lately has had a lot of problems during service, she needs to get over it.

With just a few minutes before service, Chef Ramsay calls Jillian for a private conversation. They go up to his office. He tells her to stop beating herself up, find her strength and confidence and bounce back. I think he wants her strong so he can bring three to the finals instead of just two.

The doors open for service. Tonight, again, there are celebrities in the dining room – Mackenzie Phillips, who is looking healthy, and retired NFL player Brian Bosworth. Not grade A celebrities, but the producers went to the trouble of pointing them out, so I thought I would also.

Appetizers are flowing smoothly out of the kitchen, until Nona brings up an overly-peppered risotto. Everything needs to be re-fired. Russell then brings up raw scallops. Trev and Jillian might be getting their wish handed to them on a platter if Nona and Russell don’t step it up. Trev is happy that Russell is not all that and a bag of chips. What guy says that? For the record, if Trev makes it to final two this will be the last season I ever watch Hell’s Kitchen, no matter how cute I think Chef Ramsay is. Luckily, Nona and Russell, on appetizers, rebound and it is off to entrees.

Trev is on the meat station tonight. The meat station is being slammed with orders. I guess I am not the only one that thinks Chef Ramsay is hot. Trev has problems cutting his Wellingtons so Chef Ramsay comes over and shows him how it is done. When he is finished, Trev says, “I really want to see your delicate touch again. “ Chef Ramsay shows him again. He is actually over at the meat station cooking for Trev. It’s a cooking lesson during service. Trev starts to get flustered, so Chef Ramsay kindly asks him to leave the kitchen for 30 seconds, take some deep breaths and return. What the heck is going on?

Trev tries to reenter the kitchen after 12 seconds and is sent back out for another 30 seconds. He has a grin on his face; I guess he is finding it amusing. Chef Ramsay’s meat clears the pass. Trev is still having problems when he is left to his own devices on the meat station and forgets to bring two Wellington’s. He is again sent out of the kitchen for not thinking. Chef Ramsay is really babysitting him tonight.