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Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 1 – Chef Ramsay’s Delicate Touch

Tonight Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final four contestants. Nona, Russell, Jillian and Trev are left to battle it out. It would seem the obvious to go tonight is Trev, but on this show I have learned not to expect the obvious.

In the beginning few moments of the show Russell sums up some of the same sentiments. He believes that Trev is in way over his head. He believes that Nona is over her head; I disagree. He also thinks Nona is better than Jillian. He says his biggest competition is himself.

Russell says it, but I don’t think he truly understands how right on he is about this. All season he has bullied and brow-beaten the competition. He does not help out and has gone out of his way to make someone else look more stupid than they already do. His biggest competition is his anger. A leader will not lead a happy brigade running them as a tyrant. If he truly understands what he has just said I believe he could win this.

The next morning the final four meet Chef Ramsay downstairs for another challenge. This one is a team challenge. It will be Trev and Jillian against Russell and Nona. They are to prepare a great dish together. What they do not know is that this is just a distraction and not the real challenge. In the back of the red kitchen Chef Ramsay and Chef Scott are preparing a dish also.

If I had to guess what challenge this is I would say it is the recreate my dish challenge. We will see. Yep, however they call it “taste it, now make it.” They will have to individually recreate the dish relying on sight, smell and taste to gather all the ingredients. Nona did the best with the blind taste test challenge, so I would assume she will do well with this one also. Throughout the season, Chef Ramsay has complimented her palette.

The fake challenge is over and both teams present their dishes to Chef Ramsay. He does not allow them to tell him what is in the dish, he just says let the taste do the talking. He dissects each dish completely to their amazement. Chef Ramsay tells them this is not their real challenge. If they have watched this show before they should have seen this coming when he started calling out ingredients that he tasted in their dishes; no one saw it coming. He explains the challenge and gives them 45 minutes.

Right off the bat there are some major taste differences between contestants. Jillian just knows it is pork; however, Russell knows just as strongly that it is veal. Nona also picks veal; however, when she pulls the veal she notices that Trev is watching her every move and also goes and pulls the veal. I have loved Nona since day one and she doesn’t let me down. When she notices what he is doing she decides to play with him and goes over and pulls the pork. Sure enough, almost on cue, Trev goes over and pulls the pork. The producers show us Nona talking to the diary cam while she confesses to this; the whole time she is hehehe’ing away.

Trev decides his plan of attack is to make two of everything he is questioning. He makes pork and veal, and carrot puree and yam. Russell, Nona and Jillian all chose yams for their puree. Trev decides of his two cooked purees to go with carrot.

There is a cabbage mix garnish on the plate also. Russell, Jillian and Trev all cook it with bacon. Nona is not only tasting but trying to feel the textures of the ingredients and goes with pancetta instead.

They are all on to trying to recreate the sauce. All four chefs choose a chicken stock base. Trev, however, is not sure of his choice and decides that there is a sweetness to the sauce and adds wine to his chicken stock.

The three minute mark is announced by Chef Ramsay, and they all start plating. Trev still cannot decide which protein to put on the plate; in the last seconds he decides to go with pork. He was so focused on trying to decide what dish he was going to serve, he completely forgets to put his puree on the plate.