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Top Chef: All-Stars – Premiere – Redemption for the All-Stars

Bottom Three – Fabio, Stephen and Elia. Stephen’s dumplings were off, and Tony wonders why he would riff on a soup dumpling. Gail’s fish from Elia was raw throughout and after she and Tom press Elia, we learn that Elia never put a knife in the fish to see if it was cooked. Fabio defends his dish as “peasant” food and why the paper was appropriate. Tony found the whole thing horrifying and Fabio made it clear he doesn’t like mocking. He should not read this column.

When all is said and done, Elia’s inability to improve on her Season 2 downfall makes her the first All-Star to be knifed. She is heartbroken. But at least she departs with a full head of hair this time.

Quickfire Hits
* Tre on Stephen – “He doesn’t appear to be someone out of the trenches…it’s more like the Macy’s Day Parade. I want to know when is Macy’s Day, and do they have good sales?
* Elia’s reaction to the loss is part of the problem with All-Stars – all of them have developed big reality star egos over time. So leaving early is a massive affront – think about all of the Survivor All-Stars to go early and how they reacted, especially from S8.
* Smart to increase the amount of prize money to $200,000 for the big hitters, and to seriously up the ante for week to week prizes. As Marcel pointed out, during his run in S2, there were no cash prizes for winning challenges. The ten grand won by Angelo is “a large chunk” of Miami Dale’s yearly salary.
* Loved SF Tiff’s reaction to learning of Tony’s full time involvement – “Oh, good.” (Sarcasm dripping) For the viewer, it is awesome as Bourdain is as good of a cooking personality as there is on TV, and we get him full-time this year. Bad for the All-Stars because he can be harsh, honest and brutal.
* SF Tiff is the “original gangsta, Season 1, bitches!” She’s not your bitch, bitch!
* Not many other notes to say, as so much of the episode was in the challenges. For me, I would totally eat the pork bellies made by Rich, Casey and Angelo. I was also totally into Antonia’s sausage dish, even if she made dreaded pea puree. No more pea puree on Top Chef, thank you.

Next Time – We will have the following on All-Stars this year – Tennis, Jimmy Fallon, Paula Deen, Elmo, Chefs vs. Tom, a hospital challenge, guests walking out, Fabio vs. Marcel, someone as a time bomb and Jen mouthing off to other chefs and the judges. Woo!!!

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