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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 10 – The Chinese Buffet From Hell

Route Markers
• By the way, Joy Implosion is going to be the name of my 80s cover band.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh population is equivalent to putting all of the U.S. and Mexico into LA. Perhaps the term “old world exotica” is a kind way of saying, “insanely crazy impoverished overcrowding.”
• QVC said they were the only U-Turned team to survive the U-Turning. And I am stunned to realize that they are correct. Since the U-Turn started being used in AR12, every team to have it fall upon them have been eliminated that leg (except the two times it was used on teams which were ahead of the U-Turners at the time) – Lorena/Jason, Amanda/Kris, Kisha/Jen, Joe/Heidi, Carol/Brandy, and Chad/Stephanie.
• Thomas wearing flip flops in the airport – unacceptable to me.
• Forgiven though, for using Indiana Jones as a verb.
• Kat describes the nature of Communist China very well – it is full of beautiful skyscrapers and old fishing boats. The contrast of the advancing technological society and the Old World status of much of its people is striking. And scary – their society is advancing in leaps and bounds without regard to its people, and boy, it sure makes them dangerous.
• I loved how Kat and Jill did a little dancing with the karaoke singers, but when Brook came over she started into a routine. And she eventually got the crowd going with chants and cheers – shows that charisma and showmanship knows no language barriers.
• Thomas on the fake shrimp – “That’s too hard to be real.” Channeling Michael Scott – “That’s what she said.”
• Poor Claire’s wedding diet was shattered! Between that and the return of the watermelon this episode, poor Claire is taking lots of abuse.
• Error by Jill – telling KNat that they did the other Detour and “it was terrible.” Let KNat try and flip on their own and let them find out how terrible it was.
• Poor Vicki hates Chinese food! And anyone see how badly she was shaking after all that food?

Roadblock – Find the elaborate pieces of fake food hidden among platters of real food. Awesome twist on two classic Amazing Race challenges – the needle in the haystack and the eating challenges. The twist – if you pick up or touch a piece of food and it is real, you have to eat it. Wow. Nat, Thomas, Claire and Vicki take the task, with Nat and Thomas rocking, and Claire and Vicki puking.

Detour – All taking place at night, making it even harder. Ding Ding or Sam Pan.

Ding Ding – ride a city bus and search through the neon signs for the three that indicate the Pit Stop – they are “Pit Stop,” “Statue” and “Square.” If you miss it, you have ride it all over again. And if you miss the first, you are likely going to be confused. Only Bigfoot and Wife take it and bail after going through it twice.

Sam Pan – take two parakeet cages and head to the harbor where you must match the tag on the cage with the registration number on a docked boat. All the teams wind up doing this one – KNat struggled, but got it. Bigfoot and Wife rocked it, and QVC endured. Tattoo Two quit and took the six hour penalty (six hours instead of 24 hours now – boy, would Season 1 have been different).

Order of Finish – KNat (and a trip to Rio!), Bigfoot and Wife, QVC, Tattoo Two (NON-ELIMINATED). Vicki’s closing remarks for Nick – “He has a temper and it makes everything ten times worse. You didn’t deal with anything good today.” Dude, wakeup call?

Next week – The North Korean border – Yikes! Speed skating, the final elimination and Brook wearing one of my absolute favorite looks for a woman.

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