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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 10 – The Chinese Buffet From Hell

QVC – Meanwhile, in stark contrast to the venom flowing from a man to the woman he loves, we got the conflict resolution between two friends. QVC started the leg full of righteous indignation over the U-Turn. Ugh. I’ll try to forgive you guys for that. However, once they arrived in Hong Kong, things got snippy between the ladies. It started ok, instead of Nick’s reviling of Vicki’s disease, Brook chirped “come on honey” encouragement to Claire, whose shirt was soaked with sweat already.

Claire began to complain that she just can’t keep Brook’s pace – and I mean, who really can! – and Brook, for the first time, got a little nasty. “Heaven forbid, you do anything at anyone else’s (pace).” Yikes! You can tell that she regretted it almost immediately and they “hugged it out” (or was that “suck it out!”) on the ferry.

Later, as Claire, yet again, got the really difficult Roadblock, the differences with the Tattoo Two stood out. Claire saw the karaoke singers instead of the tables full of food and assumed it was a singing challenge. Oops. She proceeded to eat and eat through her errors, eventually leading her to the Porcelain God (with Nick laughing. Ass). Brook told her to keep puking and that it was ok. Supportive partner. Who knew!

Bigfoot and Wife – Thomas and Jill had an excellent leg, but the part I want to focus on was Thomas at the airport. Upon seeing QVC, Thomas immediately addressed the U-Turn, correctly stating that they were a threat. QVC wondered why them and not KNat (good question), and Thomas’ well-thought-out answer, KNat has almost gotten knocked out a couple of times, but QVC has consistently been there at the top. So, thus, they are the greater threat.

For once, a team owned their game decision, confronted their rival with their logic, and it seemed to end the feud. It’s like I don’t even know this Race anymore!

KNat – A solid leg for them too, as the Doctors powered through the Roadblock challenge. Who better to find a piece of fake organic matter than someone who went to medical school – you would think she would have a very keen eye when it comes to biological qualities.

Is it possible that either KNat or QVC are on their way to breaking the estrogen drought? The amount of times it has come up, and the focuses of the editing on the ladies make you wonder if it is finally going to happen. Even the Elimination Station discussions seem to focus an extra ordinate amount of time on the prospects of a female team winning. I will say it right now – I think one of these two is going to win. I’m going to say QVC – only because the Joy Implosion from Brook on the Finish Line Mat will solve our nation’s energy crisis.