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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 10 – The Chinese Buffet From Hell

This makes a couple of great Amazing Race episodes in a row, and just in the nick of time. Not the Nick of time – because right now on the Race, Nick has plenty of time on his hands. Ratings have struggled a bit this season, but a couple of quality episodes in a row have revitalized what was shaping to be a middling Race season. Unfortunately, the penultimate episode this year runs smack dab into a great football game this Sunday (Ravens-Steelers), but I know I’ll be watching to see which of these four ever-increasingly interesting teams make it across the finish line.

But that’s next week, this week was all about Hong Kong, and some inspired challenges. And it was the intrateam dynamics for each of the Final Four that most interested me – especially the Tattoo Two and QVC.

Tattoo Two – This was a bad one for these guys. And at least for me, it was the episode where one Tattooed One became one of my favorites and one became dead to me. The Race took its toll on Nick. While we have already established that Nick has a short temper, and is rather anti-social by nature, and tends to take it out on Vicki, we got a giant helping of Nick this week.

Early in the episode we find him tearfully calling her a blessing, an interview which clearly took place after the leg ended and he had some time to reflect on what a prick he was to his lady. First Dose of Assholery – the Asthma Excuse. I mean, how dare Vicki suffer from an affliction, of which she had no control, which prevents her from breathing properly upon physical exertion. And how dare she keep this affliction from her boyfriend all these years, only to spring in upon him on a nationally televised Reality Competition contest. (Sarcasm, obvious).

After she apologized (!) for her affliction, he still kept on her. He actually said – “I’m not waiting for your asthma ever again.” Knight in Shining Armor, Vicki. While she spoke in an impromptu confessional about how much of an ass he was being, and how he never had asthma so he can’t understand, he even intruded on that moment and told her to stop crying.

But Nick was just warming up. They arrived at the Roadblock – that awesome Roadblock – with a fighting chance. Vicki took the challenge, not Nick, Vicky took it. A challenge in a restaurant – no way that can be an eating challenge, right? And she struggled. And she struggled. So much, that the staff started to pack up, and the guests left. And she got sick. Nick’s answer was to follow her in to the bathroom and tell her to quit. Not supportive words, but words that said he had no confidence in her. Great guy.

She finally succeeds and they move onto the Detour and Nick completely checked out. To the point where he took a nap. Vicki tried to complete the task but it was too hard for just one team member to accomplish. So, they quit the challenge and took on a six-hour penalty.