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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 28 – Hide-and-Go-Seek In the Damn Dark

The Doctors are still searching for the boat with the right number and say it feels like they’ve been there for a long, long time. Jill and Thomas are still searching for their signs, and she says only an idiot would do something like this, since he was the one who picked this Detour. He’s really focusing, though, looking at everything. They decide to get off the bus and hit the other Detour.

Vicki is still perusing the food, and Nick tells her not to pick up everything right away, even if it takes her another twenty minutes of just looking. She eats a piece of sushi and says her stomach can’t handle it. She thinks she might yak too. Jill and Thomas pick up their cage of parakeets, and the Doctors are still searching for the boat with numbers. The two boats pass each other, as Jill and Thomas tell them the other one is really hard, and the Doctors tell them this one is terrible. Now they’re on even footing.

Brook and Claire reach the Bruce Lee statue and also decide to do Sampan. Jill and Thomas are deciding ot be very thorough and find it right away. They deliver the birds to the boat and get their clue to make their way to the center of Hong Kong and find Statue Square, the pit stop of this leg of the Race.

The Doctors are still searching for the right boat and find it, delivering their parakeets, and are handed the clue to the pit stop. Jill and Thomas are struggling to get a cab, as the Doctors are now out searching for the same thing. The Doctors sneak in and get a cab, only to have it stop and try to pick up Jill and Thomas. They tell their driver they’re in a race, as Jill yells out for them to stop. She and Thomas find a cab when she demands he sit in it.

Brook and Claire are on the boat with their birds and whistling to them. Claire mentions that one of the bird’s had his whole head in his water bowl. They’re looking for the numbers and realizing how many ships are there. Vicki is complaining, as she hates chinese food, as she continues her search.

The first two teams arrive at the Square, and the first team on the mat are Nat and Kat. They’re team number one again. This is what Jill and Thomas get for not U-Turning them. They have also won a trip for two to Rio de janeiro and Brazil. Jill and Thomas arrive right after to be named team number two.

Brook and Claire are still searching for their boat, as Vicki thinks she found the fake food, but is wrong. Nick tells her not to chew the mussel, but swallow. She now also ends up in the bathroom, as he asks if she wants to quit, as she can’t stay in the bathroom puking all night. “You have to draw the line somewhere.” He calls it stupid. She refuses to quit, as he tells her it’s supposed to be fun. She will only take the four hour penalty if she passes out. She’s back at it again. She takes another piece of something up and gets it right this time. It’s a huge weight off her shoulders.

Brook and Claire are looking for their needle in a haystack, as Brook says she’d rather scale the Empire State Building or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro than try to find this boat number in the middle of the night. Nick and Vicki get to the statue and decide to do Sampan. Claire is calling out to the boats, but they aren’t listening.

Nick and Vicki pick up their parakeets and are searching for the boat number, realizing it will be hard at this time of the night. Brook and Claire find their boat, deliver the birds, and head back. They hope “the punk rockers” got caught up, as they haven’t even seen them. Nick refers to this challenge as “hide-and-go-seek in the damn dark for a number that’s not even in order.” Nick wants to choke someone and throw the birds overboard too.

Brook and Claire hop in a taxi and head to the pit stop. Vicki still doesn’t want to give up, but Nick keeps complaining. Nick wants to quit, saying he’s physically and mentally tired. He lays down to go to sleep, and she’s left looking on her own. She admits him sleeping is making her mad, as she’s tired too, but she doesn’t want to quit. She calls this the worst day ever.

Brook and Claire are team number three, and Nick and Vicki are still boating. He asks her if she’s still wasting her time as he wants to “get outta this place.” She decides to not keep doing this on her own, saying she’s given it 100% on her own. They eventually give up, take the six hour penalty, and get the clue to the pit stop.

Nick and Vicki get to Phil’s mat, and he tells them it’s a non-elimination, yet the next leg will be super tough as they have a six-hour penalty and a speed bump. Nick has a temper and it makes everything ten times worse, but they’re a team, so have to figure it out together. He’s now apologizing, saying he wants to be better to her after today. She’s not ready to leave and didn’t come here to quit.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so irritated with a team since the Globetrotters. They had quit a task when they were at the back of the pack and taken a several-hour penalty instead of trying to figure out puzzle which probably wouldn’t have taken that amount of hours. Surely in this case finding that boat wouldn’t have taken six hours. And it was final four. The Race always has a non-elimination at final four. So had they just waited it out, they could have found it in an hour or so, and only been that much behind.

Making it even worse is they probably won’t have an airport equalizer next week. They have twelve hour rest periods and all came in at night. So it will be daytime and not evening when they take off. They have to have frequent flights out of Hong Kong. They only hope they have is if they’re traveling somewhere really obscure.

But of course, Vicki isn’t really to blame here. Everything rested on her shoulders in this leg, and Nick couldn’t even help her look for a number, even though her asthma was bothering her, she’d just spent a few hours eating Chinese food and throwing up, and now he forced her to b the one to look for the number while he slept. It’s worse than deciding to get a Blizzard and cheeseburger.

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