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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 28 – Hide-and-Go-Seek In the Damn Dark

Nick and Vicki are still on the ferry on the way to the island, and he says they have the worst luck out of everybody, but she just wants him to forget about that. He wishes they’d have never came on the Race, as he’s never had such stress in his entire life. Nat thinks the view they have on their ferry is spectacular, as Kat points out you see the new skyscrapers out there as well as the contrast with the old fishing boats.

Nick and Vicki land and take off for the island, as the others are landing in Kowloon and heading to the restaurant. Nick and Vicki get the clue and now head back to the ferry. The first team to the restaurant are the Doctors, as Kat tells the maitre ‘d she loves karaoke with the diners singing along to some big hit in China. They get a Roadblock. One member of each team will have to use chop sticks and peck their way through the buffet of fast food and find the fake food that is hidden there. Any real food they pick up, they must eat. Finding the fake item, they’ll get the next clue.

It’s Brook doing this task, as she explains the awful karaoke and cheering all around. She has no idea how to find the fake piece of food and tries to figure it out just be looking. She picks up something seafood-ish and ends up eating it. Jill and Thomas arrive, and he decides to do the Roadblock. He picks up sticks and delves in.

Brook and Claire arrive, and Claire, thinking it’s karaoke, decides to do it. Instead, she’s eating these delicacies while Brook is onstage dancing. She notes that all Race long she’s been assuming the Roadblocks are something else, and they’ve all been horrible. Claire is a picky eater so hasn’t eaten anything on the Race so far.

Kat, Jill, and Brook all dance together while the others eat their way through the real food. Brook makes her way around the restaurant getting the other diners to chant “Claire.” Nat finds the fake piece of food, and she and Kat get their next clue, to make their way to the Avenue of the Stars and figure out they’re searching for a statue of Bruce Lee. They hop in a cab, feeling lucky to have found the fake food right away.

Nick and Vicky are on their way to the restaurant as Thomas and Claire are still eating and looking. The Doctors get to the Avenue of Stars and the Bruce Lee Statue and find a Detour – Ding Ding or Sampan . In Ding Ding, teams will board an old transit system known as the Ding Ding, and riding the route will see three signs that when put together, will explain their next clue. In Sampan, teams will pick up a cage with two parakeets and board a sampan and head out into the harbor in search of a registration number that matches the one on the birdcage.

The Doctors decide on Sampan, as Claire and Thomas are still eating their way through the food and looking for what’s fake. He says it all looks real to him. He finally finds a fake shrimp, and says it can’t be real, because it looks too hard. Sure enough, he’s right. They’re on their way to the Bruce Lee statue.

Nick and Vicki are in a taxi on their way to the restaurant, and Nat and Kat are picking up the birds. They get a cage and grab a Sampan boat with a lady driver, looking for the boat with a corresponding number. Of course, it’s late at night, and all the numbers are in different places. Jill and Thomas arrive at the Bruce Lee statue and decide on Ding Ding.

Nick and Vicki get to the restaurant, and Claire is still eating and searching. Vicki offers to do it, feeling good that Brook and Claire are still there. Brook is cracking up at all Claire is eating, saying she’s supposed to be on a diet for her wedding. Then she should be enjoying the running, no?

The Doctors are whistling for the birds to keeping them entertained, and they know they are just really mellow, prompting Nat to ask if the birds are even alive. Jill and Thomas are on the Ding Ding looking for the three signs, realizing there are like a million signs. The go right by a sign that says, “pit stop,” and another that says, “statue.”

Vicki says she can’t eat this stuff at the buffet. Claire hasn’t found the fake piece yet, but thinks she’s going to throw up, because her stomach is so full. Nick just laughs. She starts to throw up and runs off to the bathroom and pukes. Brook comes in to check on her, and Claire says she’s never puked so much in her life and feels like the Exorcist.

Claire doesn’t know how she’s going to keep eating. Nevertheless, she’s back on the floor as Vicki asks if she’s okay. Nick pronounces it Ralph Number 1. Claire thinks she found the fake food, and she’s right. Everyone hugs the girl with the puke breath. Even after I type that, she tells Brook in the cab she has “barf breath.”


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