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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 28 – Hide-and-Go-Seek In the Damn Dark

How much do you think Chad and Stephanie are kicking themselves after being eliminated last week? Do you think he still feels the same about cheeseburgers and Blizzards? Do you think he still enjoys graham cracker crusts? He may never live that down. They should be in the final four teams, and he even said it during the Race, that what kept beating them was themselves, not the other teams.

The first team to leave Dhaka, Bangladesh, are Jill and Thomas at 8:25 AM. They get a clue to fly to Hong Kong, China, where they will travel by bus and ferry to Cheung Po Island to search for the Cheung Po Tsai Cave to find the next clue. Jill and Thomas decide to go to a travel agency and discuss U-Turning Brook and Claire last week, seeing them as the most competitive.

Jill admits they never saw any other teams on the last leg and still haven’t, so don’t even know who, if anyone, was eliminated. Thomas would be okay not seeing anyone else until they win the million. They check a travel agency and are told the earliest flight will be 11:55 PM tonight, meaning they’ll have to see the other teams. It looks like it’s time to get a Blizzard and a cheeseburger! Instead, they decide to go back to the hotel.

Nick and Vicki are the next team to leave, departing at 1:59 PM. He’s happy to be leaving Bangladesh. She thinks their relationship has grown a lot on the Race, with the biggest thing being her work to try and calm him down, which she thinks is beginning to work. Does this mean we’ll be treated to an outburst tonight? He does admit she calmed him down a lot, and says before this, he didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. He even sheds a tear and refers to her as a blessing.

Nat and Kat, aka the Doctors, leave at 4:05 PM. Kat has been to Hong Kong before, and thinks Nat is going to love it. Nat asks if she’ll be taller than everyone. HSN hosts Brook and Claire leave at 5:15 PM, and Brook points out to Claire that they’ll finally get to see Thomas.

It’s not that she’s developed a crush or anything. She’s just anxious to see him after the U-Turn last week. Claire mentions that usually when you U-Turn someone you never see them again, but they’re the first team to survive a U-Turn, and that would be because it was a double U-Turn that affected Chad and Stephanie as well. They can’t wait to make him feel uncomfortable and hope to see him “poop his pants.”

As Jill and Thomas head to the airport, they’re hoping to not see Brooke and Claire. Meanwhile, the other three teams are at the airport, and the Doctors are asking to be as close to the front of the airplane as possible. Jill and Thomas lock eyes with the HSN hosts from across the airport, and Claire’s advice to Brook is to “stay classy.”

Jill and Thomas make their way over and advise the hosts not to hate them. Claire just wants to know why the chose to U-Turn them, and Thomas explains they see them as the strongest team. Claire questions this, being that the Doctors have won three times more than them, but Thomas counters the Doctors have also been nearly eliminated more often. Their goal was to eliminate the top competition, so they need to see it as a compliment. The hosts are putting the blame on him, as they know he’s the mastermind of the plan. As they part, Jill feels really bad, but Thomas doesn’t. Brook tells Claire if the others were threatened before, they ought to be petrified now.

All four teams make the same flight, and once they land they run around looking for the buses. Jill and Thomas catch the first one, and Nick figures his competition is already on that one as it goes by. The other three teams catch the next bus together, as Vicki realizes it’s going to be a footrace. Jill and Thomas get tickets on the ferry, hoping to miss the others. Once the other bus gets there, Vicki is complaining about her asthma as she runs. Thomas knows the others should be right on their tail, but doesn’t see anyone else, so figures the others are going to be “Indiana Jones-ing in.”

Everyone makes it but Nick and Vicki, as one of the other women racers points out the next ferry is in half an hour. It’s time for the Nick rant, as Vicki apologizes, and he tells her, “I’m sick of you being sorry.” He furthers it, saying she better hope she can keep up, as he’s “not waiting for your ass ever again.” She tells him it’s not worth stressing over. He can only tell her to suck it up, then asks why she’s crying. She tries to explain she’s not doing it on purpose, and that it’s just her asthma.

The other three teams hit land, and Claire is falling behind again. Brook tells her she can do it, but Claire can’t catch her breath. Nick and Vicki board the next ferry. Jill/Thomas and the Doctors are the first to the cluebox on the island and get a clue telling them to travel by ferry to the Kowloon area of the city and locate the Majesty Chinese Restaurant to get their next clue.

Brook and Claire arrive at the cluebox right after the others, and Brook wants Claire to be tough. Claire promises she’s not giving up, but just has to do it at her own pace. Brook quips, “God forbid you do it at anyone else’s.” They just make the ferry with the other two teams, and Brook asks to hug it out, while Claire mishears and says, “we did suck it out.”


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