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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 24 – Do the Clothes Make the Chef?

Trev has asked for garnish quite a few times, and she is saying nothing. Fish and meat are sitting waiting to be served, but can’t be plated. Chef Ramsay is bewildered at Gail’s shutdown, which doesn’t make much sense. This is what Gail has done all season. She gets flustered and just turns off. If for some reason he has never seen it before, last week during eliminations Sabrina pointed it out to him.

Gail and Trev both bring up undercooked and cold dishes to the pass. He asks them where their passion is and two hours into service he walks out of the kitchen with Chef Scott. He walks right through the dining room to the surprise of many diners, including Paris and the Marines.

Nona and Russell both step up to the plate to run the kitchen. Trev thinks that Russell will not hold the same high standard that Chef Ramsay does and wants him to serve overcooked beef. It’s not flying with Russell, and he tells Trev to go fire up the ticket again. Trev thinks he will pull a fast one over on Russell and Nona by re-firing the meat. Neither one of them is willing to plate that meat.

Chef Ramsay walks back in to the kitchen and switches the stations up. He tells them after the next mistake, its time to leave. Gail is lucky as Jillian leaves everything prepped and ready to go on fish. Russell is not as lucky. He finds three overdone rib-eyes crowded onto one sizzle pan and is going to have to restart the order.

Gail is the first one to screw up; she brings raw salmon to the pass. She is sent out of the kitchen. They are working on the 12-top. Things look great and are being served to the table. Jillian brings up 3 raw eggs on spinach for the Marines. She is the next sent back upstairs. It looks disgusting, and Chef Ramsay says the only thing it is missing is the feathers. The remaining three are able to finish.

Chef Ramsay brings everyone back downstairs after service is over. The Marines, who had just returned from duty, waited 1 hour and 50 minutes for their appetizers. He asks Jillian what happened and points out she was better when it was red and blue; maybe she doesn’t deserve to wear black. He tells Gail she might be better off as a short order cook because she can only seem to cook one dish at a time. He goes on to tell her if she ever opens a restaurant, she needs to make sure there is only one table in her living room. Ouch. Moving on to Trev, who served seared-on-the-outside cold-in-the-middle beef, Chef Ramsay tells him that mistake was what drove him to walk out of his own kitchen.

Continuing, Chef Ramsay tells the contesants to come up with two individuals for elimination. Up to the smoking lounge they go. To my surprise, Trev tells Russell and Nona that they did well tonight on appetizers. Trev and Jillian say they will vote for Gail, who is distraught over Chef Ramsay’s comments and says she will vote for herself. Russell turns to Trev and tells him he lost a lot of respect for him tonight when he tried to re-fire meat that had been sliced and standing for 15 minutes. Trev still thinks he is not the problem. Nona brings up the fact that he is either screaming noise or not communicating at all. He actually tells them that he doesn’t think that he did anything wrong.

Trev’s statement speaks volumes to me. Gail obviously cannot handle the pressures of the kitchen, but Trev sees nothing wrong with what he did. He is not Executive Chef quality, or fine dining for that matter. Gail, Jillian and Trev leave. Russell turns to Nona and says let’s send all three of them home and start the finals tomorrow. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I would rather watch 3 more episodes of the two of them than have to watch the denials of the peanut gallery.

Everyone goes back downstairs and Chef Ramsay asks Nona who the first nominee is. She tells him it’s Gail. She did not communicate, was in her own bubble and shut down. The second nominee is Trev. She says he was a disaster on meat. I love that she tells Chef Ramsay that when he walked out, she and Russell took over the pass. She also tells him what Trev did with the cold meat. Chef Ramsay seems surprised and turns to Trev and asks if that is true. Trev says he wasn’t trying to sneak anything in there. Russell looks like he is going to explode. Trev thinks everyone knows that is not his M.O. (Latin, Modus Operandi) Chef Ramsay asks why he would do that. Trev says he was just trying to make something work.

Chef Ramsay feels deeply let down by one individual. He calls out Jillian for sending the raw egg. Jillian apologizes for letting him down and admits she disappointed herself. That was his way of warning her; he calls Gail and Trev down.

Chef Ramsay asks Gail if she even cares; he is not sure. She says it is too early for her to go, she has so much more to give him, and she will give him her arm if he wants it. Would only having one arm make her cook faster?

He then asks Trev if he is in over his head. Trev answers no. Chef Ramsay asks him what he has left that he has not shown yet. Trev answers excellence; I just have to laugh. Trev should have gone long before many of the others went. Personally I wish he would send the both of them packing.

Chef Ramsay decides to send home Gail. Chef Ramsay tells her that when she arrived she showed great skill, and he honestly thought she would have gone further. He tells her goodnight and sends Trev back in line. He lives to annoy me another day.

The producers once again leave us hanging for next weeks’ episode with Russell’s violent temper, Nona’s breakdown at the end of service and Trev leaving the kitchen.

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