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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 24 – Do the Clothes Make the Chef?

The worst dish received 61% of the negative vote. It was the Octopus. The winning dish won 40% as the diner’s favorite; it was Gail’s steak dish. Nona’s dish was only 2% behind Gail’s. Gail wins a complete head-to-toe celebrity makeover. The others will be cleaning the outside of Hell’s Kitchen. I am not surprised of her win; she came in a close second to Russell in the Amuse Bouche challenge. Gail’s weakness is not an inability to cook great tasting food, it is (in my opinion) an inability to lead and work the pressure of the line.

Trev is mad; he lost to a salad. The people just don’t appreciate his good food. He tells everyone that if they were in Chicago his dish would have won hands down. There goes the sock. It’s not like Chef Ramsay started them cooking in Chicago and then made them drive their foods trucks to downtown Los Angeles. Russell tells him it doesn’t matter; we all knew we were in California for this challenge.

Gail is off to Jose Eber’s salon to the stars, Atelier in Hollywood, for her makeover. He tells her that he is going to transform her. Gail has this really annoying little girl voice she likes to talk in; it is driving me crazy tonight as she says goodbye to her hair. Her finished hair style looks a lot like the Farrah Fawcett hair of the 70’s. I have to say, though, I am jealous of her insanely thick hair. After hair and make-up is complete, she is going to see Steven for a new wardrobe.

The losers get a new look as well, blue maintenance worker jackets. They need to sweep, clean, weed, and touch up paint around the entire property of Hell’s Kitchen. Jillian and Russell are sparring back and forth with verbal jabs. Should make for an interesting dinner service, there is definitely no team building going on. If this isn’t bad enough, the food trucks arrive to be cleaned also.

Gail is now meeting with Steven ‘Cojo’ Cojocaru. He is a celebrity fashion critic and will be helping her with her new wardrobe. Personally I didn’t see anything that I liked or that would be practical for anything other than a special occasion. Just not my cup of tea; I am more of a sweatpants and ponytail kind of gal.

The chefs finally finish; lucky for them, Hell’s Kitchen is not open for service tonight. Everyone is lounging around when Gail walks back in. Trev can’t stop ogling her, while Russell thinks she just walked off the set of Flashdance. I can’t help but agree with him 110%. Jillian thinks she looks like a mermaid. This is because the outfit she picked is iridescent green, purple, and silver sequins. They do resemble fish scales.

The next day arrives and the contestants all head down to the kitchen to prep. Gail seems to be the target in the kitchen tonight as Jillian has decided she will not help her in any way. No one is speaking to her. Chef Ramsay comes in to motivate them and assign stations. Russell and Nona are on appetizers, Jillian on fish, Gail on garnish, and Trev is on meat.

Jillian has never been on the fish station and has never cooked a scallop. Nona suggests she try it before the doors open so that she gets the hang of it. Jillian thinks the station is easy and that she doesn’t need to. Considering she has bad-mouthed Gail for weeks now because of multiple failures on fish, it would seem like a no brainer that testing before pressure would be a smart thing to do.

One of the diners tonight is Cojo, the stylist that dressed Gail. Also in the dining room is a twelve-top table of Marines in uniform. They are greeted with applause when they walk in.

The first ticket is up, and Jillian overcooks the scallops; she has stopped the entire kitchen. Russell goes over to help her, and she admits she has no idea on how to cook them. She has too much oil in the pan and is almost boiling them in oil. Nona has to make her lobster spaghetti twice. The second time it goes up the spaghetti is undercooked.

Forty-five minutes into service appetizers are finally moving. Another special guest is welcomed into the kitchen and seated right near the hungry Marines. It is Paris Hilton. Russell and Nona are rocking out appetizers; now the attention will turn to Trev, Jillian and Gail to start getting out entrees. To me this sounds like a potential train wreck. Trev believes he is at meat for a reason; Chef Ramsay wants to see what he can do. A little voice in my head is chanting fail.

Jillian is now having trouble with halibut; again Russell leaves his station to go help her out. Yet somehow Trev feels that he is the one picking up after everyone else. With Russell’s quick teach on the dishes, Jillian has to prepare the fish station to get on track. Entrées are gearing up to leave the kitchen; the only one problem is Gail doing her Gail thing over on garnish. She is not speaking to anyone and nothing is ready. She literally is just standing there looking at everyone.