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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 24 – Do the Clothes Make the Chef?

Well, we are finally winding down on another season of chefs. Russell seems the most likely, although he has not shown many leadership qualities. His biggest competition, in my opinion, is his own ego. I also like Nona. The perfect candidate, again my opinion, would be a Nonsel. The only reason I see that Trev is still there is ratings, drama, and because when he loses it someone else always loses it a tiny bit more. I can’t imagine Jillian being a spokesperson for the vineyard, and Gail gets lost too easily to survive the leadership role.

If the previews are not misleading us, we know that Chef Ramsay and Chef Scott walk out of the kitchen tonight. Before I start watching I just want to thank every one of you that reads my recaps. I am thankful for all of you that allow this bottled up storyteller the chance to entertain you. Well, there’s only one way to find out what happens; let’s go.

The show starts off with the final five going back up to the dorms. Gail and Trev go out to the patio and sulk. Last week we saw Trev in the bottom two, but also Sabrina call out Gail as part of her plea to stay. Gail and Trev believe they are there because Chef Ramsay sees something in them. They recognize they need to outperform everyone else, or risk bottom two this week. While they are commiserating, Russell, Jillian and Nona are discussing Gail and her weakness in the kitchen. Russell says if she performs that way again she is gone. Gail seems to have taken the target off of Trev’s back and put it on her own.

Russell, Jillian and Nona believe they will be the final three. I believe they are by far the strongest three; however, when the producers, show us things like that through editing, I always think they are setting someone up for a fall from grace.

The next day starts off with another challenge. The chefs are brought outside where they are greeted by Chef Ramsay. He explains to them that the clientele of LA market is markedly different between lunch and dinner. The lunch crowd is high powered lawyers, producers and agents. It is a very quick clean in and out type of service. Today’s challenge is meant to show Chef Ramsay how they will deal with that. They will prepare and serve a lunch dish that will satisfy that clientele. They all get in the cars; I am assuming that the challenge is going to take place at LA Market.

Oh Russell, I was hoping that the sexist jerk would not appear in you too. He tells the diary cam that he is stoked and ready to “get gangsta on these bitches”. You are a red-haired grown man with an Eddie Monster hairdo. How are you exactly going to be gangsta?

Like the contestants, I assumed wrong. They are brought down to the LA Market area and are greeted with individual lunch trucks. Nona seems excited. Trev thinks it is carnival style and doesn’t like that he is being thrown into a box with a grill. There goes the first sock of the night at the TV. He is a bartender and cooks behind a bar. Out of all of them he should excel at this task.

They are given an hour to prepare and serve their dishes. The dish with the most votes wins. The kitchens are fully stocked and ready to go. They need to prepare 80 portions of their signature lunch.

Nona decides to make Chicken Salad and Bacon Sandwich with Fresh Sweet Potato Chips. I wonder if it will be better than the gas station sandwich she thought was from Chef Ramsay. Her biggest problem is that she doesn’t know where the oven is. That could be a big problem.

Jillian is preparing Herb Chicken with Vegetables. Trev’s dish is Penne Pasta with Sausage. I always think the high-powered people in L.A. are health-conscious; I don’t know that a health-conscious person would eat pasta at lunch. Gail’s making Skirt Steak with Mangoes and Pecans. She seems to be having timing issues.

Russell has made Grilled Octopus and Aioli Salad. That is the type of thing I envision a high-powered producer eating. He wants to “keep it gangsta”. Okay that is the second time in less than 20 minutes I have heard that word come out of his mouth. Maybe it means something other than what my mind thinks. According to the Urban Dictionary, gangsta is someone who willfully promotes and participates in destructive and self-serving culture in an effort to project a particular image of ‘toughness’ to make oneself intimidating. We used to call that a bully. So I guess it does fit.

Eighty downtown professionals are invited to lunch. They will sample each dish and choose their favorite. They all seem to arrive at once. In true Trev form, he thinks by calling women “Cutie,” “Baby” and “Sweetheart,” he will win the challenge. He comments on how nice someone’s top is and tells another that she hasn’t seen him wink at her. My daughter and her friends have a term for this kind of behavior, “Creeper.” Nona is playing the Southern hospitality card. Russell is having a hard time selling octopus to this crowd.