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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 21 – Blizzard and Cheeseburger

Chad and Stephanie finish their bricks and head back to the U-Turn. Now the engaged couple are holding hands, so they’ve made up already. Brook knows she started out strong in building the bike, especially with the flair. Nat complains it isn’t as straight forward as she thought it would be. And while she has the chain on it, she’s missing the wheels, and well, that’s kind of important. She asks if she’s missing something obvious.
Chad and Stephanie arrive, and he tells her to do it, saying she’s got it. He sees Nat and teases it should come easy to her, asking how that PhD is helping her. She wants it known for the record she has an MD, not PhD. Kat senses bitterness from the U-turn, as he says, “big strong doctor, can’t put a bike together.” Nat tells him it wasn’t personal, and they were the only team behind them. She feels like they’re on a football team and he’s getting ready to tackle her. Chad is just trying to do what he can to get in someone else’s head.

Chad tells Stephanie just to keep doing what she’s doing. She thinks she’s gaining a lot of ground for the two of them and is proud of herself. Brook is once again impressing Claire, but she’s missing the bell and pedals. Nat figures out she didn’t have the back tire on and gets passed this time around. They head to the pit stop. and apologize to Chad on the way out.

Stephanie struggles to get the seat on, and Brook works on getting the bell on, saying it’s her demise. They both continue to struggle. Brook finally gets the bell on, but Stephanie continues, kicking it into place with her foot. Brook is passed, gives a hug, and they’re off for the pit stop. Stephanie gets cleared minutes later, and they’re off as well for the pit stop.

The two teams end up running the streets at the same time looking for a cab. Nat and Kat run onto Phil’s mat, and are named team number three. He asks about the U-Turn, and Kat says they did that because it was survival, and they have no regrets about it. Let’s see if they feel the same way if Chad and Stephanie end up surviving as well.

Brook and Claire are wondering if they’re at the right fort and realize it’s not right. Chad asks a little boy where it is, and Brook and Claire finally ask locals as well. They both run at the same time, per the editing, but it’s Brook and Claire who get there first. They’re told they’re the fourth team and get to race another day, and Brook knows they were hanging on by a thread. She makes the comment they were two little girls doing that U-Turn, but he questions calling them two little girls. He tells them to not even pretend like they aren’t a threat.

Chad and Stephanie run up on the mat and are told they are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Race. He asks if the U-Turn came as a surprise. Chad knew it was coming, and Nat and Kat beat them to it, so “touché to them.” He knows they gave it their all to the very end. Even though they didn’t win the million, he still feels like a rich man. he still got the.best prize, being engaged to a wonderful woman.

And the all women ea of the Race just had their chances increase to fifty percent.

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