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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 21 – Blizzard and Cheeseburger

Brook and Claire are running around trying to get there, and Chad is asking a local where the river is. They can’t tell him how to get there. They find a local to take them there and hope the others were struggling the same way.
Nick and Vicki get to the Roadblock, and he decides to do it, having had bicycles when he was growing up. She thinks they’ve been communicating much better and thinks that him listening to her not to U-Turn anyone is a huge deal. Well, just treating her with respect is a big deal.

The Doctors get ready to deliver the canisters to the boat. They decide to use these straps that they packed to hook the cans together and lift them up the boat and find that it works really well. Brook and Claire arrive at a boat as well and start making their delivery. Chad and Stephanie finally arrive in the right place and load up the anisters very quickly to get them over to the boat.

Nick finishes working on the bike, and as Vicki tells him to look and be sure he didn’t miss anything, a graphic displayed shows that he also missed the chain, like Jill. He asks if it’s right and is told no. The Doctors work on their cans, as do the HSN hosts. The Doctors finish and start heading back to the shore, as do the Brook and Claire. Brook and Claire see Chad and Stephanie and know they need to really sprint to get moving so that they can U-Turn them.

Nick is perplexed, as he used all the parts and tools he had in his box. Vicki tells him to just stay calm, then everything will be okay. He realizes it’s the chain and fixes it, and they make their way to the pit stop. The Doctors deliver their empty canisters and head to the U-Turn and are surprised they’re not on there. They know Chad and Stephanie are the only option and make a hit on them to give themselves every advantage.

Brook and Calire finish their delivery and head to the U-Turn and call Jill and Thomas lame. Seeing that Chad and Stephanie have been U-Turned by the Doctors, it gives them a glimmer of hope, as they know they have to turn around and get this done before them. They get to the bricks and Brook says they have to do it like the locals, and do 100 unbroken bricks. She tells Claire, “No complaining.”

Chad and Stephanie are delivering their food, and are yelling back and forth. They do the last load and take off with the empty canisters. Nick and Vicki arrive on Phil’s mat to be named team number two, their best finish yet. Vicki tells Nick that being nice does pay off.

Chad and Stephanie get their empty canisters delivered and take off for the U-Turn. They’re asking how to get there, but everyone wants to take them on a rickshaw. The two can’t find the U-Turn, as Nat and Kat arrive at the Roadblock, and Nat decides she’ll do the building of the bike. Kat thinks she’s crafty and good with her hands, so has a lot of hope.

Brooke and Claire are still delivering, and are shocked they’re only at 60 so far. Their backs are killing them and they wonder why they haven’t seen Chad and Stephanie. That’s because they’re lost still, and he’s mad at walking around blindly without knowing where he’s going. He asks a local and is shown they were headed in the right direction. While Claire is struggling with her bricks. Chad and Stephanie arrive at the U-Turn and find out Nat and Kat made a hit on them and are upset, especially because of who did it. They head bck to do the bricks and know they have to be quick.

Brook and Claire finish with their bricks and head to the Roadblock. Brook pleads with Claire to speed walk if she can’t run. Claire asks about the difference between speed walking and trotting, and says Brook won’t have a very good teammate if Claire ends up passing out. Chad and Stephanie start carrying the bricks as Claire begs Brook to hold on. Brook tells Claire she’s exhausted too, but she just needs to dig deep. Claire begs for reassurance.

Stephanie is struggling with her bricks, and Chad tells her she has to get mentally tough and not think about it as it’s do or die right now. Brook and Claire get back to the U-Turn and now head to the Roadblock. Brook and Claire continue to argue as Claire says she doesn’t run marathons like her and should have gotten someone else for a partner if that was what she wanted. They arrive, say hello to the Doctors, and are excited to not be that far behind despite having done both Detours.


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