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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 21 – Blizzard and Cheeseburger

Nick has to be the one to drink the sugar cane juice, as Vicki tells him to pretend like it’s a beer. Finishing it, he declares it tastes like “sweet grass.” They decide to do Balanced Meal. She feels sorry for the rickshaw driver, saying their bags weigh about as much as they do. He declares the streets “crazier than Africa, Dude.”
Thomas is playing with a local baby while Jill continues with the bike, and she says she’s done more on the Race than she ever thought she’d do in her life. She thinks the bike is done, but it’s rejected, as she doesn’t have the chain right. Nick and Vicki start grabbing the canisters of the snack and head out on a boat to deliver them.

The last flight arrives and everyone hops in cabs and takes off. Chad thinks it’s crazy to see that people live like this. They plan on using the other half of the double U-Turn on the Doctors. Now for them, it makes sense to use it. Stephanie thinks the Doctors have great game winning so many legs, and that’s why she wants to U-Turn them. Nat knows it’s going to be the U-Turn that makes or breaks this race. Brook isn’t worried about that yet, but should be, and just says there is a lot of staring going on, and she doesn’t think the locals here see her kind very often there. Claire tells her she sticks out like a sore thumb.

Jill is still working on her bicycle and can’t figure out what she’s missing. She looks it over and realizes it’s the chain. She fixes that quickly enough and they get a clue to head to Lalbagh Fort, the pit stop for this leg of the Race.

Vicki doesn’t want to know what’s in the food containers they’re transporting, as it doesn’t smell very good, but Nick is “wearing it.” They get to the vessel where they need to deliver the containers and Nick climbs up to deliver them. He gets a rope down to her as she ties on ten containers and sends them up, saying they’re on their game today. She also notes that it “Smells like poop.”

Chad and Stephanie are at the Sugar Cane Press dispensing the juice, and the other teams are doing the same. Chad and Stephanie finish, as do the Doctors. Chad and Kat chug it down, as Brook finishes at the press and chokes it down as well. They receive the Detour clue, and all decide to do Balanced Meal. Chad and Stephanie end up going in the opposite direction, which the other teams notice.

Jill and Thomas arrive on Phil’s mat and are declared team number one. As the winners of this leg of the Race, they have won a $15,000 Discover gift card and can use it on whatever they want after the Race. Phil asks about them U-Turning Brook and Claire, and Thomas says they seem like a team you don’t want around in the final four. He knows one of the teams will win the million dollars, and they’re getting pretty close.

Nick and Vicki are still working on delivering their containers, and she can’t believe there’s a little local boy swimming in the water there, as it was brown and green with so much trash in it it was gross. By the time Nick was done stacking each group, she had ten more strung up and ready to be lifted up. They think they’re on the save wavelength now. They finish the delivery and head back to shore with the empty cans.

Chad and Stephanie hope they’re the ones going in the right direction, and the Doctors feel like they’re in a parade. Brook sees a cop and doesn’t want to break the laws, not wanting to go to prison.

Nick and Vick arrive back on dry land and he yells at her to “just do it,” as she tells him not to get all mean. They finish the Detour and read the clue to head to the Fort and see that Chad and Stephanie have U-Turned Brook and Claire. He tells her he knew it. She is stunned to even see anyone on it, since the others are so far behind. He wants to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie seeing them as the strongest team behind them, but she talks him out of it and they U-Turn no one. He calls her too nice. I call her smart. No need in creating that enemy. Let the others battle it out.

Chad and Stephanie have no idea where they are or what place they’re in and stop where the driver says to, Brook and Claire are heading to the river straight out it appears, and the Doctors find a local to walk them there. Chad and Stephanie are realizing they’re in the wrong place, as the Doctors are the first to arrive at the right place and start picking up the containers right away.


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