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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 21 – Blizzard and Cheeseburger

Jill and Thomas’ flight arrives in Dhaka, and she is shocked that they’re the only team that made that earlier flight. They hop in a cab and note that it’s only 6 AM, but seems like rush hour on the streets of the most densely populated city in the world. They reach the Square and get a demonstration of the sugar cane juicer, then attempt it themselves. It’s him drinking the glass of it, yet she pours a little for herself, wanting to try it.
With the sugar cane juice finished, Jill and Thomas get their clue, and it’s a Detour – Balanced Meal or Balance Bricks. In Balanced Meal, teams will pick up a midday snack that is customarily delivered in interlocking containers. They’ll travel across the harbor and will have to carry and hoist thirty containers to the deck. They’ll need to bring ten empty containers back to the shore with them to receive the next clue. In Balanced Bricks, teams will use their heads to transport heavy bricks from a supply barge to a nearby shop, and after one hundred unbroken bricks are delivered, they’ll get the next clue.

Jill and Thomas decide to Balance Bricks and get a ride to the start of that on a rickshaw. Jill holds the clue over her nose as they ride because it stinks so bad. They see a duck being carried by the neck as she asks if it’s dead, and also a dog laying on the ground in the middle of everything, but he’s scratching himself, so is alive. They get to the brick barge and start loading the bricks on their heads. She dumps her load right away and has to start over. Thomas calls it ridiculous that guys half his size are barely breaking a sweat and carrying a load two or three times as much. They get the first load delivered and head back for more.

In Mumbai, the Doctors are walking through and see Brook/Claire and Chad/Stephanie sleeping. They know it’s between the three of them for last place, but they’re okay with it, to at least have a one in three chance.

Finishing their bricks, Jill and Thomas count ’em up and get the next clue to make their way on foot to Dhaka River Fort. The others in Mumbai wake from their nap, and the HSN hosts bolt from their seats, realizing it’s still on.

Jill and Thomas are approaching what they figure will be the Double U-Turn and plan to hit Brook and Claire, as they are always at the top, This time, two separate teams can choose to U-turn another team and force them to go back and do the other Detour they didn’t do. It doesn’t make much sense for them to U-Turn anyone, since they know they are a good deal ahead of the others. They don’t know for sure who is still on the noon flight and who got in earlier, but know they are the first to get to the clueboxes so far and know there really wasn’t any closer flight. They risk revenge here, especially since there is a double U-Turn and only one team will be leaving.

Making good on their promise, Jill and Thomas make a hit on Brook and Claire, as Thomas says you can’t pass up the opportunity to knock out a fellow competitor. They get a clue to take a bicycle rickshaw to Nazira Bazaar.

The last three teams are finally on the flight on their way to Bangladesh. Chad is relieved to know that they’re still in it with the two other teams. After he overslept last week and mentioned it’s themselves making bonehead moves, not necessarily the other teams beating them, they choose to eat instead of looking for a quicker flight and are now in last place again. Brook and Clair mention that Jill and Thomas have the biggest lead, and say if they U-Turn them, “they’re the biggest idiots in the world.

The biggest idiots in the world are still on their rickshaw and make it to the bazaar. They find a Roadblock. One person from each team will enter the mechanics shop, and assemble a rickshaw. When the rickshaw maker is satisfied with the build, they’ll get the next clue.

Jill asks if she should do this one, and Thomas agrees. She thinks “there seems to be a lot of nuts and bullets.” What kind of bike is she building? Then again, she was the one that was going to “rapple” last week. She also says she never sweats this much. She has the wheels on and the seat and is going after the canopy.

Nick and Vicki arrive in Dhaka, and she’s hoping to ride in “one of those little buggy things, because they look so cool.” Jill gets the canopy on and has figured out she’s doing it with “nuts and bolts.” Nick and Vicki arrive at the market and find the sugar cane press. They both complain about the smell. He presses the sugar cane juice, as Jill finds “a simple bell” to be giving her the most problem building the rickshaw.


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