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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 21 – Blizzard and Cheeseburger

With Gary and Mallory being eliminated on The Amazing Race last week, there are no multi-generational family teams left. The only teams left in the Race are female friends and dating couples. This means there is a forty percent chance that we will finally have that first all-female team win the Race. At some point, it almost seems like this season was set up for that, to ensure that it finally happened.
The first team to leave are Chad and Stephanie at 11:10 AM, after an amazing leg of the Race last time. They went from being a couple hours late because of oversleeping to getting engaged, to arriving second at the pit stop. Yet, for the second week in a row, they survived after the team before them received a penalty.

They get a clue telling them to fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, and make their way to the Sundarban Square Supermarket and find a sugar cane press to fill a large mug with sugar cane juice. After one member drinks it, they’ll get their first clue. Chad and Stephanie are warned there is a double U-Turn coming up and want to hand that over to the Doctors, because they’re huge threats. They want to finish strong and hope after being first to finish on the last leg, that can just keep that up throughout. I was just starting to like him again, and he then mentions he just doesn’t want to lose to a pair of girls. So much for that.

Jill and Thomas leave at 11:27 AM and call it crucial to get to the U-Turn first, as she knows they are a team others will want to U-Turn. Nick and Vicki leave at 12:57 PM, a full hour and a half later, and he admits he’s not excited about the double U-Turn. Chad and Stephanie stop in a travel agency to check on flights, and find tickets that will have them landing in Bangladesh at 12 PM. Jill and Thomas arrive at the same agency.

Brook and Claire leave at 1:35 AM and debate the pronunciation of Dhaka. Everyone else is talking about the U-Turn; they’re just worried about how to pronounce the city name. Nick and Vicki arrive at the airport and find the same flight as the others. The HSN hosts arrive looking for the same thing, as the Doctors, Nat and Kat, leave at 3:37 PM. They’re four and a half hours after Chad and Stephanie. That means Phil spent many an hour on that mat last week waiting for teams to arrive.

At the airport, Jill and Thomas have the noon arrival flight, but ask the agents to look to make sure there are no earlier flights. The Doctors head to Oman Air at the airport and ask for the quickest arrival in Bangladesh. Brook and Claire tell Jill and Thomas they have the same flight. Chad and Stephanie give up looking for another flight, as he wants a Blizzard and a cheeseburger. Jill and Thomas keep trying.

The Doctors get the first flight they can find out of the country, and that’s one to Dubai. They hope to get to Bangladesh after that. Jill and Thomas are still waiting and have found another fight arriving at 5 AM and are hoping to get on that flight. Chad and Stephanie are busy discussing graham cracker crusts in the restaurant as Jill and Thomas make that flight. Thomas declares “No eating. Fly,” thinking of the others’ big mistake in worrying about the graham cracker crust instead of an earlier flight.

Brook and Claire check on the flight that Jill and Thomas got, but are told that it’s full. It would be kind of funny if they run into the Doctors there. The HSN hosts tell Nick and Vicki about the 5 AM flight, just trying to get everyone as upset as they are apparently. They think they’re the only teams left, but Nick announces he’s not so sure that Chad and Stephanie got that earlier flight.

Nick and Vicki check another airline, as do Brook and Claire. Nick and Vicki find a flight arriving at 8:40 AM, but as of that time, there’s only one seat. And we know on the Race, they’re booking more than two tickets at a time, as they also have to book tickets for the cameramen and producers traveling with them. Nick and Vicki get the flight anyway, just as Brook and Claire were about to grab it. They find Chad and Stephanie waiting for their flight and ask why they’re still there, filling them in on the others’ flight changes.

Nat and Kat are in Dubai and get a flight to Mumbabi where they will connect on the same flight that will have them arriving in Bangladesh at noon, along with Chad/Stephanie and Brook/Claire. They have no idea where the other teams are, but while this puts them behind, they’re back there with two other couples.

As Brook/Claire and Chad/Stephanie finally leave Oman, Stephanie calls it discouraging that Jill/Thomas and Nick/Vicki are that far ahead of them. But they know it’ll just come down to a footrace now.


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