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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 10 – Finale. Bring On The All-Stars!

Course 1
Yigit – Cucumber Lime Sorbet with Straus Yogurt Caviar Pearls. Dann loved the colors (sorry Morgan), while Scott Wheatfill of Bouchon thought the pearls were a nice touch. Susan loved the cucumber.
Morgan – Passion Fruit Cannoli with Mango Carpaccio, Fluid Gel and Tarragon Jelly. Elvis liked the strong flavors, and Susan thought the tarragon made the dish.
Danielle – Hazelnut Cake with Spanish Goat Cheese and Fig Jam. Faulkner found it to be a focused dish, and Susan liked the cake. Elvis praised her vision and follow through.

Course 2
Yigit – Strawberry Sorbet with Lemongrass Ginger Ice Cream with Berry Meringue and Consommé. Claudia found restraint here, something Yigit has lacked all season, and in my opinion, the clincher for him in the Finale.
Morgan – Blueberry Pavlova with Lemon Cream in Citrus Chamomile Broth and Pearls. Scott liked the point of view here, and how the dessert was built in the cup. Claudia thought he nailed the softness of the pavlova.
Danielle – Lemon Parfait, Pomelo and Tangerine Sorbet with Moscato Granita. Elvis found it really gentile, even if Théoden had an issue with the sorbet. Susan thought her first two dishes made the most sense.

Course 3
Yigit – Muscovado Braised Pineapple and Coconut Cake. Scott loved the flavor combination.
Morgan – Manjari Souffle Cake with Raspberry Sorbet and Cocoa Nib Paper. Here is where Morgan lost it, only a few of his soufflés remained standing, and thanks to HH, he gave them to the main judges. However, others had issues, including Claudia.
Danielle – Ice Cream Sampler: Baked Alaska, Strawberry Sundae, and Root Beer FloatBert (James Oseland from Top Chef Masters) thanked God for the baked Alaska. Elvis was a big fan of Danielle’s use of strawberry chips in the ice cream to add added texture while remaining germaine to the dish.

Course 4
Yigit – Hazelnut Dacquoise, Milk Jam and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Bert thought the cake was brilliant, and Gail loved it. She wants to bathe in the milk jam, and I want Bravo to broadcast THAT instead of another Real Housewives show. I mean, what’s next Real Housewives of Tucson?
Morgan – White Pepper Crème Brulee, Black Pepper Baumkuchen and Blackberry Anise Macaron. Bert was impressed on how well the brulee shattered, and Claudia found the dish inspired. Elvis marveled at the baumkuchen, a really difficult multi-layered German cake. Baker Eric thought it was a masterpiece.
Danielle – Chocolate Pudding Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream. Susan found it lacking in salt, and Bert thought that while it was not visually appealing, it tasted damn good.